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The Week That Was: West Ham Build Up And Much More Besides

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Welcome one and all to your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know ahead of kick-off this afternoon and a roundup of everything else which has graced our pages this week. With the West Ham game in mind you should really start with the following pieces we put together as part of our matchday buildup:

  • Preview: Karl Jones assessed Sunderland's chances against Sam Allardyce's well drilled West Ham focusing on team news for both sides, predicted lineups, a form guide, details on the referee, key match-up and pretty much everything and anything else you could possibly need to know. So get yourself clued up ready to impress your mates in the pub while watching that dodgy Arabian stream of the game by clicking here.
  • Fan Focus: "Fresh" from Ibiza Chris Weatherspoon chatted with Jacob Steinberg from The Guardian as part of our Fan Focus feature which will give you some insider knowledge as to how confident the West Ham contingent are ahead of today's game by clicking here.
  • Podcast: Mike and I brought you episode 71 of The Roker Report Podcast where we reviewed the Liverpool game, chatted all things SAFC before previewing today's fixture. If you haven't already tuned in you can do so be clicking here and be sure to subscribe so you don't make the same mistake twice, capiche?
  • Roker Riches: The crew got together to provide their ever dependable betting advice ahead of the weekend's action, so be sure to click here to find out what to avoid on your coupon if you're having a flutter today.

For everything else, join us after the jump!

We kick started the week on Monday morning with what is fast becoming one of my favourite pieces on the site - Quick Kicks. Michael Graham ran through some of the talking points that you may have missed from Saturday's game against Liverpool.

Click Here for Quick Kicks

On Monday afternoon Karl Jones stopped chatting about big men chasing eggs long enough to bring you all Talking Tactics as he dissected the ins and outs of Saturday evening's home draw.

Click Here for Talking Tactics

Tuesday afternoon saw Craig Gardner unveiled as our first Player of the Month of the season and a worthy winner I'm sure you'' agree. Read as we spewed forth endless adulation in the direction of our Brummie stand-in right back.

Click Here for Player of the Month: Craig Gardner

On Wednesday Michael was back once again with the renegade master and another Captain's Blog in tow as he, rather foolishly in my opinion, talked up the virtues of our very own Jack Colback. Whether or not we should be letting the whole world know about our secret weapon I'm not sure, but it's a great read anyway.

Click Here for Captains Blog

Wednesday afternoon saw Karl and Michael go head-to-head in our Make Your Case feature as they picked their side to decide if Sunderland's tactics so far this season have possibly been too negative. To find out who was on which side of the fence you'll simply have to point your cursor at the link below.

Click Here for Make Your Case

There was also our thoughts and reaction to the following stories that broke from the Sunderland camp this week in case you missed any of the news:

And of course later on this evening there will be our comprehensive match report detailing all the goings on at Upton Park and as per usual there will be a chance to catch up with what we had to say in our Durham Times column on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!

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