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Sessegnon Is... Happy, Accepting Of Poor Form, Pledging To Improve

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Stephane Sessegnon rarely speaks to the press, so when he does it's usually worth writing about as he tends to give out some interesting tidbits. Sometimes you wonder if they're actually interesting, or they're made even more interesting by the fact he's so enigmatic, but nevertheless he's been talking again, and there's some interesting points.

First of all in this interview with The Chronicle, he seems absolutely delighted to get a new contract, and to be staying on Wearside in general;

I have always been happy here. There was a lot written and said in the media over the summer about possible interest.

I have just continued to train and play the matches and I think it has been clear I have wanted to stay here.

I am very happy to be staying here. The new contract is nice and now I have to continue working hard to justify it.

So there we have it. Might this finally be the end of all the "Sess is unhappy" talk which continues to circulate whenever there's a relatively slow news week? This writer sincerely hopes so.

There's also the issue of his form. It's been patchy to say the least this season... actually it hasn't been patchy at all, it's been rubbish. Martin O'Neill has laid down the law recently to say that this will be the last time his players can use the 'lack of a preseason' card, and Sessegnon was making sure that he did that for the final time;

I did not have the best preparations to the season and I am trying to get back to full fitness. I am beginning to get there and I hope it will not be too long before I am back to my best.

I can work hard in training this week after coming back from the internationals and we also have a few games coming up which should help me.

We'll let this one slide. Sessegnon has been far and away our best player over the last year and a half, and we know he can provide us with some fantastic moments as and when needed. Ultimately though I think O'Neill has a point in that sooner or later, fitness is there and it has to stop being used as an excuse for poor form. We'd certainly bet on Sessegnon to turn things around.

With the poor form acknowledged, Sessegnon also - as nearly every footballer ever does - has promised to get better, and even making a bold statement in that he'll be going above and beyond what is expected of him;

I will give 200% to give the team the best chance of having a successful season.

That'll start this weekend against West Ham United. Here's hoping it's true, and not just lip-service.

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