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The Roker Report Podcast Preview: Stick With Sess?

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Good morning one and all! Michael Graham and myself will be getting together over the world wide web later on this evening to talk all things SAFC and probably more guff as well while we're at it. You know the score by now, we're looking for your assistance to answer our Question of the Week.

Just a quick heads up, we're without the head-honcho Simon Walsh this week who has had the audacity to take some time off and actually go on holiday, leaving yours truly in charge of putting the podcast together... So lets hope come Thursday morning there will be something left for you all to enjoy! I will do my best!

On to the show where Mike and I will probably squabble over the following:

  • All the fallout from Sunderland vs Liverpool
  • We crown this season's first Player of the Month
  • Question of the Week (please see below)
  • Look ahead to the weekend's clash with West Ham

So where can you find all this audible goodness? Funny you should ask!

If you want to subscribe to our podcast you can find it on iTunes and its completely free. Find it by following this link -

Or if the corporate behemoth that is Apple and their iTunes service just isn't your thing, you hipster you, the whole show will be available to download from podomatic - - and download the MP3 file to whatever device you want.

If downloading simply isn't instant enough for the impatient of you out there, then try Stitcher. It's a pretty awesome app for streaming podcasts, and available on any mobile device or tablet. Check it out -

Now for this week's Question of the Week where we really want to here from you each and every week to help gauge what the good SAFC supporting people out there are thinking. So tick one of the boxes below or if you have a little more to get off your chest please leave us a comment!

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