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Official: Steven Fletcher Requests Transfer, But No Bid Accepted

Well then. It looked like this situation might arise sooner rather than later, and late today it has emerged via the players own Twitter account that Steven Fletcher has handed in a transfer request in an effort to push through a move to Sunderland.


It's been a whirlwind of activity with regards to Fletcher today. Things started off with the club apparently putting in a third and final bid of £12m for the Scottish international's services, which for the first time appeared to have caught the eye of Wolves Chief Executive, Jez Moxey, who didn't dismiss the bid out of hand as he had earlier bids, telling the Wolvehampton Express & Star;

Rumours that we have accepted a bid from Sunderland are incorrect. They want the player, but we haven't accepted anything.

At least there was admission on the Wolves side that a deal was being negotiated, and that something could be done. After much talk about whether or not the bid would be accepted, things all went a little quiet. And why wouldn't it? We waited long enough so far, what's another day eh? Well the days just got a whole lot shorter with Fletcher's transfer request this evening.

A much stronger statement from Wolves came out later this evening via the clubs official website than the one made earlier in the day made by Moxey;

The player's frustration stems from fact that several bids have been rejected, none of which meets the club's valuation. As previously stated, no player will leave Wolves unless the club's valuation is met.

So there's still work to be done, but we're clearly making some inroads towards signing Fletcher up, and with the two clubs talking regularly. Towards the end of the week wouldn't be unreasonable.

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