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UPDATE: Sunderland Agree Fletcher Fee

Steven Fletcher: Fee (finally) agreed
Steven Fletcher: Fee (finally) agreed

We just LOVE a transfer saga around here (we don't) and it seems like the Steven Fletcher one is finally drawing to a conclusion.

After a chase that has lasted all summer and has, due entirely to Wolves' penchant for official statements, been played out in a very public manner, Sky Sports are now reporting that a fee has been agreed between the two clubs for the player. At the moment, no details have emerged about the size of Sunderland's successful bid.

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It follows intense speculation in the press and media last night, both local and national, that a deal was near, so there would appear to be substance to this development. After all, if there wasn't I am sure Wolves would have let us all know about it by now.

It has always been suggested that the only thing holding up this transfer was the negotiations between the clubs. With that now apparently resolved, and with Fletcher thought to be be incredibly keen to make the move to the north east, the hope will be that it develops quickly.

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