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Wolves Seeking Conclusion To Fletcher Saga One Way Or Another

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Will this Fletcher business end in tears? We hope not.
Will this Fletcher business end in tears? We hope not.

Been a couple of days since there was an update on the Steven Fletcher transfer saga, although you'd be forgiven for thinking it was merely a couple of minutes.

Anyway, today there's been an update from the Midland club's Chief Executive and main talk-piece, Jez Moxey, who seems to be becoming as fed up as you and me about the whole thing. Speaking to the clubs official website he said;

All parties need to draw a line under this matter, which has now dragged on for over a month.

We need to focus on the season ahead and these disruptions to the squad's preparations are unhelpful. We have always said we want to keep our best players.

If our valuations of them are not met then they will remain at Wolves but we cannot allow this speculation about their futures to drag on indefinitely up to the closure of the transfer window.

Some fair points made. Perhaps we do need to draw a line under it. I'm pretty sure everybody does want to draw a line under it, but unfortunately the suggested transfer fee for Fletcher - something approaching the £20m mark - is absolutely absurd, especially considering £22m is expected to be able to land Robin Van Persie at Old Trafford at some point soon.

Also as said, nobody wants this to drag on particularly as we need a striker in as soon as possible. If however it does drag on until the end of the transfer window it can only be to our benefit. Wolves don't want to have an unhappy player disrupting them, and we're the only interested party. The ball really is in Wolves' court at the moment, and if they can meet us half-way and make this deal happen everybody should be satisfied at the outcome.

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