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Reports: With Fletcher Price Bordering Ridiculous, Defoe Becomes An Option

Defoe - An alternative to Fletcher after the deal hits yet another snag.
Defoe - An alternative to Fletcher after the deal hits yet another snag.

Reports today suggest that the protracted move for Steven Fletcher could end up fruitless after it's been suggested that Wolves are looking for a deal that would see them net around £20m in total for the striker.

In The Journal today it's claimed that the price has now been set at £20m, which can include add-on's to take it to that price, but it's still an incredible price, burgeoning on ridiculous from the Championship side.

Following the striker handing in a transfer request earlier this week, many fans - including ourselves here - expected a deal would be done sooner rather than later, but this reported fee certainly complicates things, and if indeed it is proved to be true, you'd have to think we'd be better off pursuing other options.

Wolves are allegedly basing the fee off our own sale of Darren Bent to Aston Villa for £18m, potentially rising to £24m, pointing to the fact that Fletcher is three years younger than Bent, and scored more Premier League goals than Bent last season.

Salient points, but what they forget is Bent was an England international at the time while Fletcher currently finds himself in exile from the Scotland side. Bent also had a remarkable goal scoring record prior to last season's poor season, where Fletcher only has three years of Premier League experience, coming to prominence in the last two.

What should really happen now is that Ellis Short, or whoever is doing the negotiating, attempt to call Wolves' bluff. Leave our reported £12m on the table for them to continue to consider, and let them deal with a player who clearly wants away from the club. They'll sharp realise that £12m was indeed a very good offer, and still slightly over the odds.

As Sunderland look to get a new striker in before the start of the season, eyes have apparently turned to Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe. Defoe has been long on a Sunderland wishlist, and us being in for him has been widely speculated on social networks for weeks now.

The Journal suggest that moves have been made to try and secure his services over the last 48 hours, on loan or permanently, although it could be another which is held up as currently he's the only senior striker on the club's books, although they are rumoured to be looking to bring Emmanuel Adebayor back to the club, plus Brazilian starlet Leandrio Damaio.

Whether it's Fletcher or Defoe, I'd be very happy. If it's both, you don't even want to picture what would be happening at Roker Report Towers. It's also encouraging to see the club not held to ransom despite our desperation for a striker.

Trust in O'Neill to get the job done. Because that's all we can do at the moment.

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