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Officially Official: Gyan Takes The Money And Runs

A fistful of dollars, or whatever they use over there. Dollars I think though off the top of my head.
A fistful of dollars, or whatever they use over there. Dollars I think though off the top of my head.

It's finally official. Asamoah Gyan is no longer a Sunderland player as terms were agreed with the club who took him last season on a record-breaking loan deal, Al-Ain according to the clubs official site.

It comes as a surprise to nobody that the Ghanaian has left the club after managing to annoy pretty much everyone with his antics at the start of last season, and now he's gone for good to the 2012 UAE Pro-League Champions, in which he enjoyed a fine goal-scoring season, statistically anyway.

Terms of the deal have up to this point remained undisclosed, which in the past has meant that the amount is under £10m as deals of that amount or more have to be announced to shareholders, although whether this is the case for selling teams is unknown.

Financially for Gyan himself, the deal looks set to be a big one too. Recently it was quoted that Gyan could be receiving anything up to £140k per week, and while Al-Ain were swift to deny that, you've got to imagine he's getting a tidy sum to spend his prime years at such a low-standard of football.

Whatever the amount, it's good riddance as far as the majority of Sunderland fans are concerned, as more of the bad memories of the Steve Bruce-era are erased, and Martin O'Neill begins to mold a team he wants.

Considering he was already gone in the mind of many Sunderland fans, including ourselves, I'd encourage you to read our post on the memories and legacy of Asamoah Gyan at Sunderland from a few weeks ago, as pretty much everything that cab be said is said there.

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