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Do Not Want: A List Of Transfer No-No's For Sunderland

Does Gabby Agbonlahor feature on the list of "Do Not Wants" or not? Read on and find out.
Does Gabby Agbonlahor feature on the list of "Do Not Wants" or not? Read on and find out.

If you've been keeping up with our weekly feature, which you can find here each Sunday during the transfer window, you will know that Sunderland have been linked with a huge collection of names, some more appealing and likely than the rest.

Whilst we will all have our differing opinions as to whom would bring the most to O'Neill's rapidly depleting squad we have decided to have a look through the list and identify who we (or rather I) categorically do not want to see posing with a shirt and a scarf at the Academy this summer...

Gabriel Agbonlahor

If you subscribe to our half-decent, weekly podcast you will have found it impossible to ignore our disinterest in the Aston Villa forward, with Michael Graham being especially critical of the Villa hitman's credentials. I would tend to agree with the condemnation. Whilst on paper it may appear that as a tall, strong and athletic lad Gabby ticks all the boxes that are habitually attributed to the style of striker Martin is looking to lead his line that is pretty much the extent of his talents.

O'Neill was known to be a fan of Agbonlahor during his time at Villa, infact he only left the striker out once during his four years in charge and the striker certainly flourished during that time, so there may well be an argument that O'Neill could again get the best out of Gabby. However since then Agbonlahor's game would appear to have become stagnant. Most notably the forward would seem to have lost his ability to control the football. The striker's recent goal scoring record does not make for impressive viewing either, grabbing just over ten goals in the last two seasons is hardly indicative of a forward worth the reported

The link between Agbonlahor and Sunderland would appear to be the popular tabloid process of linking a manager with players from his former club. Gabriel's tenure with the midland's club has also been reportedly close to coming to an end for two seasons now with the forward reportedly unimpressed by the previous regimes led by Gerard Houllier and Alex McLeish. Put the two together and you have the perfect tabloid transfer rumour.

Hopefully that is all that this will pan out to be.

Karl Henry

Next up on the list of linked player's is Wolves' midfielder Karl Henry. Yes that Karl Henry. Whilst the prospect of a midfield compiled of both Henry and Cattermole would certainly be an intimidating prospect for the opposition the likelihood of the combination providing any real benefit to the side is slim to none.

Henry of course first caught the headlines following his sustained "assault" on Joey Barton a year ago before his horrendous "tackle" on Wigan's Jordi Gomez and earning a red card for lashing out at Villa's Marc Albrighton.

With Lee Cattermole seemingly still having to dispel the reputation he has, rightly or wrongly, garnered for himself over his career it is hard to see the attraction of adding another player with such a dire reputation into the mix. Plus we are not exactly short on midfielders in the squad at the moment, so hopefully this will prove to be nothing but ridiculous speculation.

Louis Saha

Probably the most controversial name on this list but bare with me. While Saha would certainly bring the much hyped experience O'Neill is reportedly eager to bring to his attacking line the Frenchman would also bring with him an extensive injury record. There is no doubt that on his day, when fit, Saha can be a threat and I'm sure there will be sections of the Sunderland supporters that would welcome his arrival were the rumours to prove accurate. However I would still argue that his transfer would be a significant risk purely because of his track record for stints in the treatment room.

Having been released by Spurs just five months after his curious move to White Hart Lane, Sunderland and West Ham have emerged as potential suitors for the forward whilst Marseille and Lille are keen to offer the striker a chance to return to France. Saha himself, if his twitter feed is anything to go by, would prefer to stay in the UK. Time will tell I guess.

Kevin Doyle

Whilst recent reports seem to indicate that Sunderland have finally made their move for Wolves' Steven Fletcher, some sections of the press have also linked his teammate Kevin Doyle with a move to the North East. Doyle is certainly used to leading the line, a quality O'Neill is known to be looking for, as he was often employed as the spearhead of Mick McCarthy's 4-5-1 formation he favoured at Wolves, so there is at least some semblance of sense to the link.

However I can't say that I have ever really been that impressed with the Irish striker and having spoken to a number of Wolves fans on twitter since SAFC have been linked with their forwards, they to don't really seem to have much praise for Doyle. Even his reputation as a "hard worker" would appear to be greatly exaggerated. Hearing such an endorsement hardly fills you with confidence over a potential move.

The press have also linked Doyle with a return to Reading following their recent promotion, as well as Southampton and even, incredibly, Arsenal, however the player himself is apparently focused on helping Wolves in their bid to return to the Premier League.

If there is to be any transfer between Sunderland and Wolves I for one will be hoping it is Fletcher who is packing his bags rather than Doyle and believe that this will be the case sooner rather than later.


Agree? Disagree? Leave your comments below. Check out the list of names from Sunday's feature and see if there's any names you absolutely do not want to see at the club any time soon!

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