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O'Neill: Ji Will Get His Chance But Experienced Striker Wanted

Ji Dong-Won will get a first team chance when he's done with the Olympics.
Ji Dong-Won will get a first team chance when he's done with the Olympics.

Ji Dong-Won misses out on Peace Cup action this week as he is currently back in England with the South Korean Olympic Football team, however Martin O'Neill has insisted that the striker will get a chance to prove his worth upon our return from the Far East.

Speaking with reporters ahead of the two-game tournament this week, O'Neill said of the missing star attraction;

I'll give him chances after he comes back from the Olympics, we'll have more games after Peace Cup. He's technically fantastic but physically needs to be better for Premier League.

It was difficult but I allowed it [playing in the Olympics] because it's great honour for him. I think it would have been good for him to participate in the Peace Cup, he could have got cheers in front of his home fans.

However O'Neill's striker search continues when he gets back, and while no names were given as to who we might be looking at, the gaffer has admitted he's looking for an experienced striker who can pass on some knowledge to the likes of Ji and Connor Wickham;

Of course we need to bring another striker and I cannot mention specific name, but it will be an experienced striker who can help young players like Ji and Wickham.

It will be interesting to see if this is another striker in addition to the oft-suggested Steven Fletcher. Fletcher only turned 25-years old in March, putting him at only four years older than Ji himself. While a very good player who would certainly fit into our system with ease, isn't all that experienced.

Fletcher has only eight caps for Scotland, and has only played for Hibernian, Burnley and current club Wolves in his career, so is he the kind of player who has a great deal of wisdom to pass on? It sounds as though there could be another striking addition on the cards. If we were to put 2+2 together and make 5, then I'd say if we're looking for experience, plus O'Neill's favoritism towards players from the UK - Michael Owen's still available on a free transfer... He could provide everything we need in a second striking addition, if we could get him on a sensible contract.

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