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The Roker Report Draft Extravaganza: Part Five

Eric Gates creeps in the back door and makes it into our draft! Find out where though when you continue reading!
Eric Gates creeps in the back door and makes it into our draft! Find out where though when you continue reading!

With just three picks left per person, the scramble is on to complete the squads and may be nick that little pick of extra class and quality to separate your squad from the rest.

Which players sneaked in at the last minute? Lets find out.

To catch up with what this is all about and the rules, you can CLICK HERE.

Round Thirteen

#73 Seb Larsson (Karl Jones)

Just in case my midfield is having an off day (unlikely, but whatevs) Seb Larsson is in reserve with a mean set-piece just waiting to exploit tired minds and becomes the player to take the prestigious number 73 in our draft.

#74 Gary Owers (Simon Walsh)

Well I'll finish off my midfield too then, and it's a toughy as I have two players marked for one spot. After some sleepless nights trying to decide which to choose, in comes Gary Owers to complete things for me on that front. The flexibility to play as an emergency right-back the deciding factor.

#75 Bryan 'Pop' Robson (Michael Graham)

I still need to finish off my attack, but although I've left it late that doesn't mean I have compromise on the quality. In Colin Todd, Michael Gray, Don Hutchison, and Stan Cummins, I am certainly not short on people to provide my squad with the locally-born core I wanted, and I'll grab another by adding Bryan 'Pop' Robson to Team Graham. Pop was a proven top division scorer, and in three spells on Wearside he twice helped the club to promotion and, at the ripe old age of 38 scored a final day goal that ensured division one survival. Delighted to be able to add the Bald Assassin himself to the ranks.

#76 Dariusz Kubicki (David Boyle)

Well I just had to have good ol' Dariusz didnt I!? My first SAFC favourite as a young lad in the Roker End, Kubicki
caught the eye as a dependable and assured right-back who came close to breaking George Mulhall's club record for consecutive appearances before being inexplicably dropped from the side by Peter Reid. Kubicki's calm demeanor will make him a useful option from the bench,and, well he's bloody class.

#77 George Holley (Chris Weatherspoon)

Need another striker. Inexplicably, none of you have snapped up our fourth highest ever goalscorer. 155 goals is enough for me, so George Holley joins the ranks of Weatherspoon's Wonders...

#78 Steed Malbranque (Dan Williams)

I need a bit of trickery in my ranks, and me and this bloke have a lot in common. For starters, we both live in France, we both smoke far too much and we'd probably both achieve more in our respective lives if we were to cut down on the burgers and try to get a bit fitter. If you hadn't got it from that, Steeeeeed Malbranque will be joining my team.

Round Fourteen

#79 Wes Brown (Dan Williams)

Okay, well he has had his injury problems, but this man's class has never been in doubt. Although some speculated that he wouldn't be up to the task upon moving from Manchester United, Wes Brown proved everyone wrong with some towering performances at the back, looking more assured than any defender we trusted there for many years.

#80 Martin Smith (Chris Weatherspoon)

I'll go for my first truly populist choice of the Draft. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the Son of Pele, Martin Smith!

#81 Eric Gates (David Boyle)

I'll take Eric Lazenby Gates. Whilst Marco often takes the majority of the plaudits, Eric's hand in the "G-Force" should not be forgotten and his build-up play in front of goal will be a handy contribution to my squad.

#82 Andy Melville (Michael Graham)

I'm going to grab my last defender by drafting one of the most underrated Sunderland players of the modern era - Andy Melville. Mel amassed over 200 appearances for the club and is a real rarity in the sense that he was a player who left the club and went on to bigger and better things, specifically sustained Premier League football at Fulham.

#83 Mart Poom (Simon Walsh)

I need a second keeper, and a defender (I think) and with a wealth of talented defenders still available, I'm going to monopolize the goalkeeping situation by having Mart Poom to back up Tommy.

#84 Thomas Porteous (Karl Jones)

I need a right-back. I fear I'm about to alienate the Bardiebers with this one, but I'm returning to the 'Team Of All Talents' to grab Thomas Porteous late on in the draft.

Round Fifteen

#85 Simon Mignolet (Karl Jones)

And, to kick off the final round of a truly encapsulating draft, I'm going to take Simon Mignolet as back up to my other young keeper. Many talk of Belgium as the next-big-thing on the international scene yet their number 1 is often left out when the names are reeled off, despite him more than holding his own in a league that is rather unforgiving on young keepers.

#86 Jim McNab (Simon Walsh)

Well I've already got one from arguably our best defence of all time in Martin Harvey, so I'll team him up with my final choice and former teammate of his, Jim McNab.

#87 Albert McInroy (Michael Graham)

To complete my squad, I will draft Albert McInroy to be my second goalkeeper. McInroy to this day remains the only goalkeeper ever to be capped by England whilst playing for the club. In 1923, Bob Kyle was so desperate to sign him that pen was put to paper a mere 2 minutes after his contract with non-league Leyland Motors had expired - and in the toilets of the Grand Hotel in Manchester! I only left the player this late before picking him as I had a huge amount of faith in the ignorance of my Roker Report colleagues. He is far too good to be a 16th-rounder, but I won't be complaining about that!

#88 George Mulhall (David Boyle)

To complete my squad I'll be adding George Mulhall to my ranks. Mulhall made over 250 appearances for the lads in the 60's and is regarded as a lightning fast winger with an eye for goal. George managed an incredible run of 125 consecutive appearances for SAFC during his spell which also saw him hit the net 66 times.

#89 Kieran Richardson (Chris Weatherspoon)

I'll take Kieran Richardson, because he's versatile and all that, canny quick and can actually defend now too...

#90 Dwight Yorke (Dan Williams)

Okay, maybe a slightly left-field choice, but my final pick is Trinidad's finest Dwight Yorke.


And that's it. The Roker Report Draft finally comes to and end. You can check our part one here, part two here, part three here and part four here. There's more to come though, as we reveal our starting lineups, and get your vote on who created the best team.

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