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Marcos Angeleri Talks Sunderland Exit, Bruce Bust Up

Angeleri looks set to finally move on!
Angeleri looks set to finally move on!

After his agent revealed last week that he could be on the move to Argentine side Independiente, Marcos Angeleri has provided some snippets himself on how the move is progressing, and a little taster of life on Wearside.

The Argentine international, seriously, stop sniggering, has endured a time at Sunderland almost as unbearable as it was for us to watch him, with injury, a lack of playing time (justified) and of course his infamous bust-up with former manager, Steve Bruce.

Yesterday the long-haired lovely told the press;

I'm going to listen to Independiente. Today my goal is to recover the regular football that I lost in England. Independiente is a big club and we will see what they propose. What I want is to play.

I'm sure it is what you want. We wished he could play a bit too to be honest. Nonetheless, it's encouraging that he could be on the way out at last and no longer be a drain on our resources.

As we all surely remember, Angeleri once accused Steve Bruce of being a racist. He might be many things, but that's a new one on us, and indeed an unlikely one to be honest. Even if something was lost in translation though, things were never patched up as he went on to say;

I have learned another culture, very different to my own, and another language. I also met a different type of football, more physical and dynamic. All these changes make you grow. However I didn't get on with the previous manager and therefore hardly played.

Hmmm, not quite down to just that I'd imagine, but it's obvious that he's been told something similar by Martin O'Neill too, as he continued by saying he'd had discussions with O'Neill regarding his future;

I had some dialogue with the new manager and told him of my desire to play regular football. But I don't want to spend more time standing still, playing from time to time.

That seems to indicate that if he went to O'Neill asking for a game, and has now decided to leave because he doesn't want to play form time to time, that the manager must have made him a token gesture and managed to avoid peeing him off. A wise move, given he has a year to run on his excessive contract.

We're one step closer to shifting him on it seems.

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