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The Roker Report Draft Extravaganza: Part Four

Steve Bould creeps into our draft, but where about? Find out when you continue to read!
Steve Bould creeps into our draft, but where about? Find out when you continue to read!

I won't lie to you here... at this point we can officially confirm that editing out Chris Weatherspoon's swearing in this mini-series is the most time consuming task ever assigned to a Roker Report editor.

In fairness, it must be noted that Dan Williams was close to being just as much of a potty-mouth. Meanwhile, myself and Simon Walsh donned our best poker faces, confidently and smuggly proclaiming our selections had gone precisely to plan. Karl Jones barely had his head out of Sunderland AFC history books to notice the tension, and David Boyle's innocent excitement at actually being spoken to by any of us was immensely touching, yet also rather depressing.

To catch up with what this is all about and the rules, you can CLICK HERE.

Lets get on with the draft!

Round Ten

#55 Vic Halom (Dan Williams)

First pick from Round 10, to complete my front line, I'm going to a big, strong, bustling centre forward to thrive on the supply that my incomplete midfield will be offering up. Step forward Mr Vic Halom. Hero of the cup run after coming in only three months before hand, he made a huge impact in his time on Wearside, and will do the same for me.

#56 Len Duns (Chris Weatherspoon)

Right... right... right winger required! Now while you lot all shamelessly go for the popular choices in the hope of getting votes, I'm picking proven winners. Len Duns may be almost unheard of to all but the saddest, but a league winners medal and an FA Cup winners medal speak for themselves. A strike ratio of more than 1 in 5 further boosts my chances of goals coming from midfield.

#57 Ernie England (David Boyle)

To complete my back four, I'm going to add another hard as nails, no-compromising full-back to my vacant left-back spot in the shape of the fantastically named Ernie England. Very much mirroring Chris Makin in my right back slot, Ernie was another fullback that "played on the wrong side" but loved nothing more than to trick wingers to come inside before sliding in with his stronger foot. Ernie made an impressive 351 appearances for the lads and his defensive attributes will be key as I doubt Shack will be tracking back much!

#58 John O'Shea (Michael Graham)

I'll follow Dave's example and complete my back four. Everyone else can keep the record books and obscure names to themselves on this one, I'm going for someone who is very well known to us all - John O'Shea. Whilst I prefer him in the middle, I am almost embarrassingly well-stocked there and he is certainly no stranger to the right back position. With almost 400 games for Manchester United, 5 Premier League winners medals, an FA Cup winners medal, 3 League Cup winners medals, a Champions League winners medal, and 75 international caps to his name, O'Shea must be one of the most lavishly decorated players to have ever donned the red and white stripes and offers versatility as well as pedigree. All that as late as the tenth round? Am I dreaming?

#59 Dick Malone (Simon Walsh)

Oh dear. Taxi for the rest of Roker Report as in tenth round, I'll complete my defence too. Bolton on the left, Harvey and Elliott in the middle, but who on the right? Kay's off the board, and so too is Makin, and inexplicably O'Shea as everyone thinks either far too recently, or far too long ago... Welcome to the team, 1973 FA Cup Winner, Dick Malone.

Over to the boyo Jones to select someone from 1842 again...

#60 Lee Clark (Karl Jones)

You mock, Walsh, but substance over style and all that (we were actually good back then!)

Anyway, considering we've had Ball and Colback snapped up I'm amazed - and delighted - that Kerr has Lee Clark as a central partner. A cultured passser, Clark will keep things moving in a highly adventurous side.

Round Eleven

#61 Charlie M Thompson (Karl Jones)

To kick off Round 11 - I'll complete my centre back partnership. Full disclosure is needed here. Given that Graham has twice gone for players that have been decorated at OTHER clubs, I toyed with the idea of Wes Brown but I'll stay true to who I originally wanted. Had him as a projected 8th rounder, so delighted he's slipped and League and FA Cup winner Charlie M Thomson is a steal late on.

#62 Gordon Armstrong (Simon Walsh)

Well that will leave me to add another midfielder to the mix. With Baxter and Bingham being a bit of flair in wide areas, in comes Gordon Armstrong to put a shift in in the middle of the park, as well as the occasional bullet header.

#63 Stefan Schwarz (Michael Graham)

I need to complete my midfield too, and the fact that we are apparently in Gordon Armstrong territory just underlines what a great bargain I am getting here. To compliment the passing of Bracewell and forward dynamism of Hutchison, I need a little bite. Fortunately, I can get that without having to compromise one iota on quality. Stefan Schwarz was slightly past his peak when he arrived, but he was still a player of real quality. Precision passing, a terrier-like competitor, a much-needed left foot in the side, and vast experience to boot.

#64 Alex Rae (David Boyle)

Ohhh Alex Rae, Alex, Alex, Alex Rae!! Sorry, got a little carried away there but Alex was a real favourite of mine during his spell on Wearside and I am delighted to have been able to bring him into my squad. As a combatitive central midfielder with an eye for goal, Rae will bring some much needed steel to my midfield and should keep the play ticking over nicely in the middle.

#65 Steve Bould (Chris Weatherspoon)

He may not have been here long, and many thought he was over the hill, but the impact he had upon arrival was undoubted. With the club at one stage mere seconds away from touching the top of the Premier League during his spell here - indeed, had this chap not been sent off in that 1-1 draw at West Ham, the safe bet is that we would have held out and won the game. His time was cut cruelly short as arthritic age caught up with him, but alongside the pacey Dave Watson Steve Bould's reading of the game should ensure endless clean sheets for my impressive back five.

#66 Ron Guthrie (Dan Williams)

Right. Left back. Well, to add to my rock solid defence, I'm throwing in another hefty chap. One that won the FA Cup in his three years on Wearside. One that proved to Steve Bruce that we don't hate all Geordies, just rubbish ones like him. One that was hard as hell and knows Dennis Tueart inside out. Hello Ron Guthrie, welcome to my squad.

Round Twelve

#67 Tony Norman (Dan Williams)

Next up, as we require two goalkeepers in our squads, I'm going to go for Kelvin Davi....

No, Tony Norman will be keeping my bench warm, as Monty dominates between the sticks. This man played a starring role in Sunderland's march to the 1992 FA Cup final, picking up man of the match awards along the way like a fat kid gobbles up curly wurlys. He played almost 200 times for the lads and, according to the all-knowing source that is Wikipedia, remains the only player to ever appear twice for Sunderland at Wembley. Yes, he was in goal for a relegation, but let's glance over that, shall we?

#68 Craig Gordon (Chris Weatherspoon)

Second keeper time for me. Don't think it's news to anyone that I'm a fan of this fella. 9 million, 9 schmillion. A top class goalkeeper (going to assume he's consistently fit for the purposes of this), and THAT save against Bolton puts him up there without doubt. Craig Gordon the first bench-warmer for me.

#69 Barry Siddall (David Boyle)

Barry Siddall - Siddall made over one-hundred and sixty appearances for the lads in the late '70s early 80's and earned the, most likely unwanted, nickname of "The Flying Pig" due to his portly frame. Barry had big gloves to fill, succeeding Jimmy Montgomery between the sticks but did it with aplomb and became a real cult hero with the fans. A worthy sub keeper for my talented squad.

#70 Stan Cummins (Michael Graham)

Not quite sure why everyone is taking goalkeepers this round. I want a potential game-changer from the bench. Fair to say that, looking at some of the other squads here, this man should have a starting role somewhere. A tricky and technical ball player from the local area, and someone who was once described by the same man who discovered our #1 pick Brian Clough as possessing "the keenest football brain I have ever encountered" - Stan Cummins. I feel almost like I am cheating by having Cummins for cover whilst others have the likes of Gordon Armstrong and Kevin Ball as their first choices, but I'm sure I'll get over it.

#71 Tony Towers (Simon Walsh)

Well I'm genuinely torn between 3 players, and there's only 2 spots available in my midfield. Maybe Karl will make this an easier choice for me soon, but I've made my choice here... With Wiley wingers I need some stability in midfield, so in comes Tony Towers to sit and do the dirty work. In the very, very select group who have won England caps while at SAFC.

#72 Jody Craddock (Karl Jones)

On with the business at hand. Jody Craddock will provide cover for the 'decorated duo' at the back.


We're nearing the conclusion of what has been a monster of a week. Come back tomorrow to see us all complete our squads before it goes to the final vote...

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