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Sunderland Add David Ferguson To Development Squad

Youngster David Ferguson has joined the club on a one-year contract.
Youngster David Ferguson has joined the club on a one-year contract.

Sunderland have signed former Darlington left-back David Ferguson to the development squad for next season. The youngster, who turns 18-years old this week has already made a number of first team appearances for Darlington last season, prior to the club folding.

Ferguson is a boyhood Sunderland fan, has signed a one year professional deal with the club, and will land himself straight into Keith Bertschin's development squad for next season.

I'll be the first to admit I've never heard of him, but he seems to have been held in high regard by Quakers fans, as fans on a reputable Darlington FC Forum described him as having sound positioning, and a very tidy player, just lacking a little in composure. All things considered though, that's the sort of thing that should come with age and experience.

It's also good to see the club looking close to home for players and prospects as well as abroad, if there's players we can mold into top quality players from the lower leagues, and the area, that's got to be a huge boost to us.

Don't have much else to say about him, but I'm sure regular watchers of the development side will get to know him over the course of next season. You can also follow him on Twitter @DavidFerguson7.

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