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Angeleri Could Be The Next Of The Deadwood To Leave

If you'd forgot, this is what he looks like.
If you'd forgot, this is what he looks like.

Marcos Angeleri, remember him? Argentinean, long hair, good looking fella? Yep, that one. Well he's still under contract at Sunderland somewhat inexplicably, but it looks like he could finally be on the way out of the club as his agent confirmed talks are taking place with an Argentine club.

Marcos didn't get off to the best of starts at the club, with many unfamiliar with the situation citing the injury sustained in a preseason game with Benfica shortly after he arrived at the club, however he did go on to play some games since then. Notably, horror performances against Notts County in the FA Cup and as a substitute against Manchester United with the game already gone. Not to mention he also continued to win caps for Argentina during this "injury nightmare" period.

Of course there was also the accusations thrown around that Steve Bruce was a racist in addition to being a poor manager, solidifying the fact he'd never play for us again. Finally, he seems to be on the move according to his agent Miguel Pires, who said of the situation;

Next week I am going to have a meeting with the officials of Independiente for resolving the situation of Marcos Angeleri. He wants to return to Argentina, and even more to a team like Independiente.

Here's hoping he goes. It was speculated a while back he'd be on the move back to Argentina but nothing came of it. Hopefully this time, it's for real. You can't imagine there's a transfer fee involved, although any would be a welcome bonus, and perhaps even classed as robbery given the terrible return we've been given from the dashingly handsome full-back.

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