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The Roker Report Podcast Returns - NEXT WEEK!

After having a very healthy break this summer from our podcasting duties, we can finally inform you that the Roker Report Podcast is returning... NEXT WEEK!

Yes, we're finally back for all you who have been asking us on Twitter and Facebook, in recent weeks, and we'll be sitting down to record again on Tuesday July 3rd, and we'll be coming into your ears on Thursday July 5th, and each and every Thursday after that.

For those who are new to the site or are simply unaware, we don't just write, we talk extensively about Sunderland too on the club's only independently produced podcast, by fans for fans. Nominated for four EPL Talk Podcast awards for Best Podcast and Best Club Podcast, we'd really love it if you could join us for the forthcoming season.

It's really easy to listen too. You can subscribe on iTunes like many others do by heading to this link here and hitting the subscribe for free button -

Or if you have any other MP3 playing device, you can head to our RSS page and subscribe, once again for free. You can do that here -

Another alternative is to use this handy media player, in which you just hit play, sit back and relax to our dulcet (with emphasis on dull) tones:

And finally, if you happen to have the mobile app "Stitcher" you can listen there too. Stitcher is a great little app for streaming Podcasts without any fuss at all, so get us and all your other favourites there. More information is available on

So why not take an hour or so to listen to us waffle. For the next few weeks it will be just loose SAFC chat before things get a little more structured as the season edges closer.

We're looking to get bigger and better, hopefully having a few more guests on, and keeping things interesting in the only Podcast worth listening to which is dedicated to Sunderland .

Give it a try, you might just like it.

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