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What's Been The Highlight Of Your Sunderland Supporting Life?

Something to fill a Friday night for the bored and/or alone - we're looking to see your favourite Sunderland highlight, and I'm happy to get the ball rolling by contributing my own.

Even in my own short 28-years of life, there's been plenty of ups and downs, and whilst I still have hair, it's certainly going prematurely grey. For the even older contingent, I'm sure you're probably all wearing toupees as finding particular 'highlights' can be hard to come by. When we do make them though, they tend to be spectacular.

So I'll start by sharing mine. It could so easily have been one of the many great moments in the 1992 FA Cup run, on of the many promotions and the glorious goals in them, but I'm going to go for this;

It's SuperKev's goal against the Mags. Well, not just that goal, the whole game in general. Strangely for a favourite highlight it's a game I didn't even see live.

I was on holiday in Spain, Malaga if I recall correctly, and in a restaurant where in the waiting area they had Rangers versus Parma in the UEFA Cup on. Noticing we were 1-0 down at half-time, I had a feeling in my bones we'd come back, and predicted the scores and scorers to within a couple of minutes.

From then on the rest of the holiday was just killing time, waiting to get home and praying Match Of The Day had recorded. It had. I think I wore that video out watching it again and again. I swear, that's the only video I wore out, honest.

Anyway, we'd love to see you lot provide us with your own video highlights in the comments section below. Let's all go on a trip down memory lane this afternoon! The stage is yours...

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