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Sunderland Striker Search: Who Gets Your Vote To Lead The Line Next Season?

Lets see if we can point Martin O'Neill in the right direction when it comes to a striker option for next season.
Lets see if we can point Martin O'Neill in the right direction when it comes to a striker option for next season.

It's no secret that our biggest area of need for next season is a striker, possibly even more than one as our goals return last season was pretty woeful. A great many names have been linked with the club this summer, some much more desirable than others, and some much more strongly linked than others. At the moment, it seems to be anyone's guess as to who will be our leading man for next season.

Flicking around a few other sites, I stumbled across an article (here) on a Chelsea site who did a very interesting survey as they look for a new central midfielder. Impressed with the work, I wondered if it was possible to do something similar with regards to Sunderland, and our search for a new striker.

I believe it is, so let's see who your choice of main striker for Sunderland next season is...

Starting off by getting a few disclaimers out the way. The images and the analysis comes from leading statistical site, WhoScored. They've used all the measurable statistics to analyze trends, strengths and weaknesses in players. Of course we all know that football is about more than statistics, but it's still the best measuring stick for comparing players available to us.

Below we have a mix of potential strikers for Sunderland, and all of them have been linked to some degree in the last year. The strikers range from one who played for us last season, one who were once linked with but now have no chance of signing at all, while the rest have been linked to us and should be available for the right price, however seem to have split fans opinions.

So we'll look at the strengths, weaknesses and traits of their play below, and you decide based on those, who you think will fit with Sunderland next season...

Player A


Player B


Player C


Player D


Player E


Player F


Player G


So those are your options. As stated above, these are all (apart from the one who actually played for us last season) players who have been linked with the clubs to various degrees in the last year, and have a differing range of abilities. There's also the red herring of sorts in a that one is a player we've no chance whatsoever of signing.

It should be quite interesting to see who you voted for in all this. I'd advise you to just look at the strengths, weaknesses and styles above, and cast your vote with an open mind as to who you think would be the best fit into our system for next season.

As said before, the traits above are from an independent source, rather than us just presenting our thoughts on the players in question. It's not without it's mistakes, but certainly the most unbiased look at the options available.

Now then, go cast your vote for who YOU think should be our top striker next season below...

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