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Roker Rhymes: Cats Crash At Craven Cottage

Our weekly poetic review is here now!
Our weekly poetic review is here now!

Bear with us chaps and chapettes, I know this season seems to be really dragging to its conclusion, especially after the embarrassment of riches that we were treated to in the new year, but we're nearly there, it's nearly done, and sooner, rather than later, you won't have to read anymore of these bloody poems on a Monday morning!

Maybe next week we'll have a jumbo Roker Rhymes, one that looks back on the season as a whole, but, until then, you're stuck with reliving the Fulham game. Lucky you, eh?

It was Fulham away at the weekend, to London we did go.
Hoping to see a good performance, hoping to put on a good show.
But, alas, it wasn't to be, and our squad's deficiencies were plain to see,
Let's just get it finished and as we reach the summer, we can look at what our transfer targets will be.

This weekend we got beat at Fulham, and we had one man to thank,
As Clint Dempsey opened the scoring, that bleedin' pesky Yank.
He's just what we are after, with his 23 goals this year,
And his goal left our confidence shattered, and filled us instead with fear.

Fair play to him though for the technique, it was a pretty lovely free kick,
But eight games without a win, has left us all feeling sick.
However, it was the Captain's mancrush, who tied up the game,
But Fulham hit back instantly, and there are plenty of culprits to take the blame.

It was gutting to concede so quickly, and to be instantly on the back foot,
Dembele's strike was like getting punched, in the middle of the gut.
Though we had plenty of chances to tie it up, to get a point from the tie,
But all of our seemingly easy chances, just kept on passing us by.

First it was Mr Bendtner, who saw his shot creep wide,
He was on as a substitute, after not making the original side.
Then Fraizer was the next culprit, when it looked easier to score,
And our chances of getting a result, were seemingly no more.

So on we go to Sunday, when Man United visit the Stadium of Light,
Let's just hope that for our last game, we actually put up a fight.
City fans will be cheering us on, as we gain more fans just for the day,
And in the race for the Premier League, we are allowed to have our say.

Let's just hope that we show up, and the players want to prove to Marty,
That they are more than capable, of providing next season's party.
Then the season will be over, no more Sunderland for a while,
Instead we can watch England's Euro campaign, and hope it raises a smile.

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