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The Week That Was: All The Buildup To The Fulham Match You'd Ever Need

The Week That Was is here to bring you all the Fulham v SAFC buildup!
The Week That Was is here to bring you all the Fulham v SAFC buildup!

Alright there, about time to get ready for today's clash with Fulham, and we've got plenty to keep you going today with the game being covered on Roker Report from every conceivable angle. Let's get on with it...

  • Preview: Starting off with our preview of Fulham v Sunderland, and we've got everything to get you prepared. We've got team news from both sides, we've got betting tips, we've got music, predictions and much more, so come along and have a read - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: The feature where we profile someone who played for both us, and them. Occasionally there's someone pretty awesome who deserves it, other times it's Carsten Fredgaard or the likes. Anyway, to find out who's been inducted into the hall of fame, you'll have to have a read - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: We speak to a fan of the opposition, or a journalist, or a blogger to get their views on the club, the game, and their season so far. We've sparked up the conversation with some Fulham fans, so head on over and see what they have to say for themselves in this ever-popular feature - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: Finally, if reading is just too much for you, or you've simply had enough of it, then check out our podcast. The only independently produced SAFC podcast around, and the only one prepared to tell it like it is. There's plenty of ways to subscribe for free too - CLICK HERE

And if you want more, well keep reading. We've been up to a whole lot more this week too...

Starting on Monday with Talking Tactics. Karl Jones takes his tactical eye to the game against Bolton Wanderers and dissects what went right, and what went wrong from a tactical point of view. It's like Zonal Marking, if they only bothered talking about Sunderland...

Click Here for Talking Tactics: Bolton Wanderers (H)

We also recapped the Bolton game from a completely different point of view in Roker Rhymes. Dan Williams gets all poetic about the performance last weekend at the Stadium Of Light...

Click Here for Roker Rhymes

On Tuesday we went in search of a new striker, since we apparently need one. There's been much talk of there being a "Martin O'Neill Type Player"... but just what makes one? Who have been the previous ones, and who could we be pursuing in the summer for the role? Have a read and find out...

Click Here for Thoughts On A "Martin O'Neill Type" Striker

We also reported a bit of news. We don't tend to do this until there's something concrete, or it's the summer and we feel there's something to be said, so here we are with a quick dissection of Cristian Riveros' move to Kayserispor.

Click Here for some Cristian Riveros news

There was also time in the week for more SAFC opinion from the man with more opinions than most, our own Captain Fishpaste, or as you might know him, Michael Graham. Check out what Old Man Graham's been yammering on about this week as he writes for us...

Click Here for This Week's Captain's Blog

For the final time of the season, we nabbed a little chat with our mascots, Samson and Delilah as we went Behind Closed Doors at the Stadium Of Light for a coffee, and a big bowl of Whiskers...

Click Here for Behind Closed Doors

Michael Graham, never short of an opinion or seven, also popped in with a Roker Ramble about this weeks announcement that Roy Hodgson's the new England manager and not Harry Redknapp as many, mainly the media, wanted...

Click Here for This Week's Roker Ramble

Also, we're up for a couple of awards at the EPL Talk awards. Best Club Blog, Best Club Podcast for the second year running in both. Vote for us, and vote often please!

Click Here to vote for Roker Report in the EPL Talk Awards 2012

And that's about it for another week on Roker Report. We've got much more planned for the weekend though, including a match report shortly after full time from tomorrow's game with Fulham, plus we've got our latest column from top North East newspaper, The Durham Times coming at you later today.

That's it for now though, laters.

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