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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 57 - The Answer Is ALWAYS Milton Nunez

Welcome back everyone for the 57th Episode of The Roker Report Podcast, Sunderland's only independent podcast produced by the fans, for the fans. Only a few more of these to go before we take a couple of weeks off sadly, so make sure you get downloading, spreading the word and most of all, just enjoy the show will you?

On this weeks show you have the aural delights of Simon Walsh and his lone companion Michael Graham. We sat down discussing the following, and then some...

  • Discuss James McClean's rise, and compare it to that of a certain feature film.
  • Yakubu? Fletcher? Wickham? Who will lead the line next year?
  • Some very dodgy foreigners we've signed.
  • A look back at the Bolton game, and in particular Craig Gordon's return.
  • Phil Bardsley feels the full force of a Michael Graham rant, again.
  • Look at this weekends game with Fulham in all it's glory.
  • Tell you what's happening this week, and in the summer on the site.
  • Plus a hell of a lot more!

Now then, you'll be wondering how you can get your hands on this aren't you? Well the easiest way is to click the player below. This enables you to listen without even having to download anything! Perfect for the first timers, or those who don't want to use up valuable hard drive space...

If you already like it, then why not get subscribed on iTunes. That'll save you having to come here all the time, and you'll get it directly. That's what all the smart folk are doing. If perchance you're already a subscriber, please leave us a nice comment on iTunes too! -

And now for an important notice. Seriously. Would you like to help some brothers out? We're looking to attract a sponsor of the show for the 2012/13 season. We've worked out the costs of getting some new microphones, adding extra bandwidth and various other bits of equipment we simply can't afford. So help us, and we'll help you. Email us for further details and costs:

That should be enough, there's not really an excuse not to listen (unless you already have and don't like us) so why not give it a try today!

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