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Sunderland AFC End Of Season Player Grades: Part II

Nicklas Bendtner divides opinion, but how did we feel he did for us last season? Read on and find out!
Nicklas Bendtner divides opinion, but how did we feel he did for us last season? Read on and find out!

So you had part one yesterday (click here if you missed it) and now it's about time we brought you the other half of the squad.

If you've stumbled in at the halfway point and don't really know what I'm on about, this is our end of season grading for all players in the squad. Whether they played or not, so long as they were squad numbered then they've been graded between A and F. We also included the ratings from our half-season grades for comparison purposes.

In this second part there's a lot more of the younger players, but there is also some more established names such as Stephane Sessegnon and Nicklas Bendtner. So come along, and see how we feel everyone did this year...

18. David Meyler

Having sat out for a lengthy period this season, Meyler eventually came back into the fold shortly after Christmas. Since then though we've just not really seen enough of him on the pitch. A few fleeting substitute appearances haven't really told us anything we didn't already know about Meyler. He's a fine, alright, consistent 6 out of 10 performer. Did well against Stoke away though, despite Robert Huth's level best to break his legs. Grade: D (Previous N/A)

19. Titus Bramble

This year has been an absolute car crash for Titus. In fact that may be the only off the field incident he hasn't been involved in. On the field however, it's not been much improved for him. He's done alright in the limited amount of games he's played, certainly nothing to really stand up and pay attention to. Certainly at best our fifth choice central defender. Combine that with off the pitch baggage, and it looks like we might as well say goodbye to him while there's still the opportunity someone might take a chance on him. Grade: F (Previous: F)

20. Kieren Westwood

When called upon initially to cover for the injured Craig Gordon and Simon Mignolet, Westwood did really well for us, including a standout moment against Manchester United away where he produced a fantastic double save. Since then however he somewhat blotted his copybook when a touch of flu kept him out of the big game with Manchester City at home. Since then, Westwood has barely had a look in. Next season he should establish himself as a regular and reliable back up to Mignolet, and on that front, he's about as good as we could want. Decent when called upon, just needs to man up a little. Grade: C (Previous: B)

21. Oumare Tounkara

He's still one of our players. Sort of anyway, as he spent a large part of the second half of the season away at Oldham Athletic again. We're never going to see him in a Sunderland shirt, as it looks like he's off to the Latics permanently this summer as his contract expires. Farewell Oumare, we barely knew thee. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

22. Simon Mignolet

I've tried and I've tried, but it's still beyond me how Mignolet attracts such mixed reactions among some sections of the Sunderland support. He might have his moments, but he's still very, very young in goalkeeping terms, and will make slight mistakes. As for this season, I think he's won us more games than he's lost us, and has made some great saves, notably at Everton away in the FA Cup. In the second half of the season he firmly planted himself as our number one. Perhaps next season, with Gordon out of the picture we can all get behind the young man and he'll emerge as one of the best keepers around. He certainly has the potential to do it. Grade: B (Previous: C)

23. James McClean

What more can you say about this man's season? Coming from nowhere to become one of the best wingers in the Premier League and to the European Championships this summer. Incredible. McClean's ability down the wing has had many of us mesmerised, and even more so opposing defenders who've had to double up on him, which is just further testament to his ability. McClean is a star, and easily the signing of the season. Grade: A (Previous: B)

24. Trevor Carson

Carson's career at Sunderland has fizzled out without any first team action. Those that have seen him in the reserves will tell you it's not much of a surprise. Nothing to really say really other than good luck at Bury where he'll be permanently as of the summer. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

25. Sotirios Kyrgiakos

He came, and he provided us with little but hair-envy. Some considerably ‘meh' performances interspersed with absolute horror shows against Blackburn Rovers and Everton go to show that he's well and truly past playing in the Premier League. Thankfully, he's only on loan and we can get shot of him. Grade: F (Previous: N/A)

26. Jordan Cook

Reports on Cook from his loan spell at Carlisle United seem to have been positive, but after some initial buzz about the lad pre-season, it looks like that might be his level as he looks to continue his professional career. I'd be highly surprised to see him have any impact in a red and white shirt. Sometimes you're wrong I guess. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

27. Ahmed Elmohamady

Hmmmm... Not really sure where to go with this one. This year was just another typical Elmohamady year really. He's got the raw skills to be an excellent player, but for whatever reason it's just not happening. Time to go? Possibly. The more he remains in his role of "useful squad player" the more his stock is decreasing. The fact he's good mates with Stephane Sessegnon might be his best bargaining tool if we're to keep him around next season. I doubt he'd be missed if he did go though. Grade: D (Previous: D)

28. Stephane Sessegnon

Our player of the season, hands down, no arguments at all. Early on in the year there were times where he didn't seem too interested, but those were quickly eradicated, and he just became even more of a star when Martin O'Neill had the smarts to move him into a strikers position. He's had a great year, so much so the big boys are sniffing around him, and that should really say it all. Just brilliant. It would be very difficult to pick out just one standout moment, so just sit back, relax and think of all the good ones... QPR away, Swansea at home, Boro away.. The list grows and grows. Grade: A (Previous: B)

31. Ryan Noble

No doubt there'll be hell on somewhere about whatever's said here, but this year I think was the year he was supposed to step up from prolific youth to knocking on the first team door. It just didn't happen, and you wonder where he'll go at this career crossroads. No doubt a loan to the lower leagues, and regular football next year will be the making of him. Can we really judge on his 2 late sub appearances? No. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

37. Adam Reed

Honestly, until he was on the bench that one time against ‘Boro I'd forgot he was here. Having been loaned here there and everywhere in his career to date, you'd imagine it's coming up to now or never time. Where youngsters such as Laing & Noble have seen a little more action, it could be the end of the road for Reed. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

39. Craig Lynch

Much like Ryan Noble, it's coming to the time where Lynch needs some games, and hopefully the lad can get away on loan for next season, with regular football as he's not going to be doing a great deal here any time soon. No games this season for the lad highlight that after a few brief run outs under Bruce. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

40. Louis Laing

Reports from Wycombe Wanderers, where Laing has been on loan, have been good, including glowing reports from their manager, Gary Waddock. Touted as one of the best players to come through the ranks in recent years, it will be interesting to see how he does over the summer, as that will surely decide whether he's due to stick around the first team, or head out on loan. I'd imagine the latter is a more likely destination. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

42. John Egan

Egan has rose from relative youth team obscurity to a key player for the reserves, leading to some pretty high-profile loans to Crystal Palace and Sheffield United. He didn't play too many games at either, but learning at a high level will serve him well. Another loan next season is surely in the offing. Grade: N/A (Previous: N/A)

52. Nicklas Bendtner

Another who divides opinion among Sunderland fans, but I think overall, I'm a fan of Bendtner. He doesn't bust a gut or particularly look like he's that bothered about anything but himself, but he has made a significant contribution to our season ranking second in goals and assists, as well as about a 50/50 rate of good games to bad ones. If only he could apply himself a little more, he might be as good as he thinks he is. The rumoured price of £4m seems awfully cheap, but we know he's not going to stick around on Wearside. He's certainly served us well though I'd say. Grade: B (Previous: C)


That's it for our grades then. If you missed out on part one then click here to view them. And as with last time, feel free to leave a comment and just get irate, or openly mock. That's what people tend to do... sob sob.

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