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The Bruce Family Delusion: Like Father, Like Son

It's still not my fault.
It's still not my fault.

We all know that Steve Bruce has been quick to point out to anyone and everyone who will listen that it's not his fault we were so abject throughout the majority of the calendar year 2011.

It seems however that this sort of delusion runs in the family as inexplicably and out of the blue today, Steve's son and occasional professional footballer, Alex Bruce, seems to be backing the claims of his father that we're rubbish, and things would have been better had Steve stayed in charge...

The first tirade came shortly after the final whistle on the Premier League's dramatic final day, when he started with this...


Where to even start eh? Well we'll get the persnickety part out of the way first; we actually finished 13th, not 14th. So nice one Alex, you've stumbled at the first hurdle, although he is correct in that we finished 10th last season, in part down to a win against an already relegated West Ham United, and other teams playing poorly in the final games.

Next his reply to @ryanyids. Now then, the last 12-13 games of ours have been particularly awful as ever since the Everton cup defeat we look like we've had the wind knocked out of our sails and just wanted the season to end as quickly as possible. However, have they been worse than Bruce ever did? I think not.

Bruce quite famously only managed 3 (THREE) home wins in 2011. Three wins in eleven months. To put that against Martin O'Neill, who has managed 5 (FIVE) home wins since January the 1st 2012. For the attention of Alex, five is a bigger number than three.

As if to further prove himself wrong, here's the table from Martin O'Neill's first game in charge to the end of the season...


You'll see Alex there, that we're in 9th position. We may have slumped to 13th overall (not 14th), but given we were two points behind Wolves when Bruce senior left the club, 13th and achieving safety weeks ago is a tremendous feat.

Alex wasn't quite finished, much like his father choosing to ignore other arguments put forward by fans about why it was the right reason to bring in Martin O'Neill, and posted the following...


Now this I can kind of get on board with. It should really be SAFC first above anything else, but still, our game was a massively damp squib and nobody really gave a toss about what was happening at the Stadium Of Light given the drama at the Etihad. Call it disrespectful, call it being a football fan.

Whilst we should apparently be worrying about ourselves, you could suggest that Alex takes up some of his own advice. Alex was recently released by mid-table Championship side Leeds United after a thoroughly unspectacular season for himself and the club.

Still, I'm sure you can both Bruce's Senior and Junior can continue deluded discussions on how rubbish we are for finishing mid table in the Premier League while they catch the bus to Job Centre.

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