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The Summer Starts Now On Roker Report

We've got plenty in store this week, and throughout the summer!
We've got plenty in store this week, and throughout the summer!

Alright, well the season is finally over, but the fun simply doesn't stop on Roker Report as we've got plenty to be getting on with over the summer, and it all starts tomorrow on the site with a week of season reviewing action.

Each day we'll be bringing you a selection of thoughts from not only our writers, but some of the much more established names in the North East press to give you their thoughts on what's been quite a crazy season for our club.

This all starts tomorrow with the views of The Blizzard editor and writer extraordinaire, Jonathan Wilson, and in the afternoon we'll have thoughts from our very own Dan Williams. On Tuesday you'll be treated to the opinions of A Love Supreme head honcho, Martyn McFadden, plus our own 'icon' Michael Graham. Wednesday brings the thoughts of the Northern Echo's Richard Mason, while the afternoon brings out David Boyle. Thursday you can have a bit of Karl Jones in the afternoon, tee'd up nicely in the morning by George Caulkin, and to round off the week in style we have Iain Macintosh from Red, White & Blue, plus Chris Weatherspoon.

And that's just this week. Over the rest of the summer we've got all sorts planned, including some in depth tactical analysis, positional analysis, an all-time SAFC draft (which is certainly one to look out for) plus we'll be keeping a very close eye on all our players involved in Euro 2012.

You'll also find out about any important news here over the summer, plus coverage of every pre-season friendly, no matter how far flung it is.

Prepare yourself for next week, and look forward to an action packed summer on Roker Report!

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