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Fan Focus: A United Front From The Republik Of Mancunia

The return of Paul Scholes this season has been a real highlight for our Fan Focus man this week.
The return of Paul Scholes this season has been a real highlight for our Fan Focus man this week.

Here for the final time this season ladies and gentlemen, it's Fan Focus. The feature where we bring you the views of an expert fan, journalist, blogger or on the odd occasion, former player to gain their insight on the club they follow.

This week, we're ending the season on a high as we;re delighted to once again bring you the views of Scott from the undisputed number one Manchester United website, Republik Of Mancunia. You can visit their website for all things United at or follow on Twitter @R_o_m

Now we'll hand you over to Scott to tell us all about a very up and down season for The Reds, plus some thoughts on Sunday's game against us...

From a neutral perspective, the title race has been actually exciting for the first time in a while. Has it been a different story for those having to actually go through it like yourself?

Scott: Of course. We spent all season trailing but somehow managed to overturn the eight point difference between us and even go eight points ahead. Obviously at that stage you assume the title is more or less in the bag. It has been incredibly frustrating watching us throw it away.

We're at the season's end, and obviously an unlikely title win this weekend would eclipse everything, but other than that, what's been your highlight of the season?

Scott: Paul Scholes coming out of retirement probably. I think we all would have enjoyed seeing him in the shirt again regardless but the fact he's been so good is great. He got us back in the title race. It was great beating Arsenal 8-2. I've really enjoyed seeing so many young players given a run out too.

And looking ahead to next year, are you looking forward to it, and what do you hope for next season?

Scott: Can't wait. We'll have Vidic back by then and hopefully a midfield to speak of!

On to this weekend's game though, and as everyone is aware, you need to give us a fairly comprehensive spanking to lift the title. Is there a feeling around Manchester it's even remotely possible?

Scott: We need to give you a comprehensive spanking if City win. We can beat you 1-0 if they drop points. Chances of City dropping points are pretty slim but stranger things have happened. We just needed to beat West Ham on the last day of the 1994/1995 season and we drew 0-0. West Ham had nothing to play for, finishing 5 points above the relegation zone, whilst QPR are fighting relegation. They've also got the likes of Wright-Phillips and Joey Barton who might feel like they've got something to prove and a manager who would love nothing more than to deny City and the man who replaced him the title. I think City will win it but the fact that I've had next to no stick from blues suggests they aren't entirely confident.

If you're going to, how are you going to do it? What weaknesses do you see in our side?

Scott: If United play to their strengths, Sunderland's weaknesses won't matter. We need to go out on the attack and give the ball to Antonio Valencia as much as possible. We've got speed and ability on the wings so I'd like to see us give your fullbacks a hard time.

We're not in the best of form at the moment (to put it politely), but if we could still be party poopers. Is there a chance you lot could underestimate us, and who would you say are the dangers from our side?

Scott: I don't think we could go in to this game against any side and underestimate them. It's the most important game of the season and our players will be under no illusions about that. The dangers from your side? I always go on about how useless Bendtner is so he'll surely score. Sessegnon is pretty handy and McClean too. Your back four is red. They'll want to do well against us, as much as they'll want us to win the league.

And to finish, what's your prediction for the game...

Scott: 3-1 to United.


Thanks very much to Scott, and as said, if you're ever on the lookout for further Manchester United opinion, you can't go far wrong with and follow on Twitter too @R_o_m

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