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A Love Supreme Issue 211 Out Tomorrow, Here's A Sneak Peek...

Grab yourself a copy of ALS tomorrow. Only £2.50 from around the ground and the finest newsagents.
Grab yourself a copy of ALS tomorrow. Only £2.50 from around the ground and the finest newsagents.

Issue 211 of the undisputed No.1 Sunderland AFC fanzine, A Love Supreme, hit the shelves and streets tomorrow, and using our privileged position as writers for the fine publication, we're using our contacts to bring you a sneaky look at what's inside this month's blockbuster issue.

As said, we have our own column in there, this time around written by Dan Williams who has looked at how football is more than life and death regardless of what Bill Shankly may have said. There's plenty more in there besides too, including a great interview with former SAFC defender Nedum Onuoha. There's also a chat with bonafide SAFC legend, Dick Malone.

Not to mention other top quality features including the putting together of a 'Homegrown XI', a glazed eye looks at the Mercantile Credit Football Festival, whilst they also catch-up with journo's Graeme Anderson and Simon Bird. In fact, here's a little taster from Mr Anderson...

With Martin O'Neill, it's a mistake to go rushing in and trying to be his best mate, that won't wash with him. He's very professional, he's very straight, but he has a good sense of humour as well. I do get on with him, and I think he's a fantastic manager, and he's just as impressive close-up and sitting having a chat over a cup of coffee as he is on TV.

Get yours tomorrow outside the ground from one of the fine looking sellers patrolling the streets, or pick one up from your local newsagents for the bargain price of £2.50. Pretty much every one in the North East has a copy. Failing that, just get it delivered to your door. Prices are low, and there's even some superb special offers to entice you over the finish line. Get yourself, and all your family signed up today for an absolute feast of SAFC chat (plus a free t-shirt) - CLICK HERE

Go forth people. Buy a copy tomorrow. And yes you will have to buy it, it's just too good to give away.

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