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Roker Rhymes: Villa, End Of The Season, Or All Of The Above?

Roker Rhymes takes a poetic look at Sunderland, whether the performance deserved it or not.
Roker Rhymes takes a poetic look at Sunderland, whether the performance deserved it or not.

Good Monday to one and all. It's that time of week again where we take a poetic look at the weekend's action in an attempt to brighten up your day.

Well, that's the plan anyway. So, with the Bolton game still fresh in the mind, welcome along to another Roker Rhymes.

It was Bolton that visited the SOL, as this weekend came and went,
We were wanting to get back on the scoresheet, but the result wasn't what we meant.
Bagging two goals at home, was a bit of welcome relief,
But it's fair to say that our defending, caused us a world of grief.

The Captain here at Roker Report, probably chuntered away with glee,
As Phil Bardsley's lack of quality, was there for all to see.
We tried to sign Davies in January, and unfortunately it became clear why,
As he banged in the opener Bolton's play deserved, bringing a tear to my eye.

Thankfully though we hit back quickly, Mr Bendtner got his shooting boots back,
Thanks to a wonderful through ball, from our little ginger genius Jack.
Then it wasn't long till we were leading, thanks to that man James McClean,
Who scored maybe the best goal, from him that we've seen.

The old boy popped up again though, and managed to ruin our day,
Leaving us six games without a win, and getting annoyed about our play.
I'll be glad when the season is over, and we have a chance to rebuild the team,
Make us a force to be reckoned with, perhaps the best SAFC side that we have ever seen.

That's the confidence that O'Neill brings us, the faith that we can put in him,
As he puts together a team, that we know will regularly win.
If we just get in a striker, we'll call that point of call one,
Imagine how a 20-goal-a-year star, would help us to kick on.

But that's enough from me now, enjoy Fulham if you're going down,
And let's hope that the boys, manage to turn our frowns upside down.
The season's nearly finished now, it's almost reached its end,
To give way to the bloody summer, where the lack of matches drives us round the bend.

At least there's the Euros to look forward to, international tournament joy,
And it looks like we'll be taken there, by a surprising new manager, Roy.
At least there is no saggy face, at least for that we can be glad,
Until we get stuffed by France in our first group game, and spend the rest of the summer sad.

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