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The Roker Roundup: April 25th 2012 - Bendtner Stay Far From Certain

Everyday Is Like, A Newsday
Everyday Is Like, A Newsday

We've reached the halfway point in the week, so to help you get over the hump we're back with a Roker Roundup. The feature where basically we bring you all the news to stop you having to sift through all the rubbish that's spouted daily.

Today is April 25th, and on this day John Cooke celebrates his birthday. The former SAFC striker is now the kitman at the club, a position he's held throughout many managerial changes.

Now though, let's bring you today's daily SAFC news...

Nicklas Bendtner has been talking to Danish TV about his future, with some statements that either sound good, or not, depending on how full your glass is. He says he might stay! Then goes on to say even if he gets the chance to stay he might not bother - CLICK HERE

TalkSport (yes, I know, forgive me) links us to an Icelandic star! Gylfi, Gylfi Gylfi... No, a different one apparently as us and Reading "run the rule" over Bjorn Sigurdarson, who is some Scandanavian hot property. At least it's a new name on the scene - CLICK HERE

Defender Michael Turner reckons that the race for a top ten position is going to go right down to the last day of the season. It's not a particularly exciting race, but it's nice that we're in one that isn't titled "to avoid the drop" for the first time in a while - CLICK HERE

If you've got nothing to do tomorrow, get yourself to The Alex in Grangetown for a talk-in featuring former SAFC folk, Marco Gabbiadini, Gary Bennett and Dennis Smith. It's only £15, and that includes a hot supper! - CLICK HERE

Craig Gordon is leaving. That's not new news, and that's why it's so down on the list here. Apparently he's got offers from Wigan, Celtic and teams in the Championship though, so I hope he gets sorted out - CLICK HERE

Simon Mignolet has been called up by Belgium for a game against England, whilst Stephane Sessegnon has been called up for three World Cup qualifiers Benin will play - CLICK HERE

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