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Roker Rhymes: These Bleak Goalscoring Times

Roker Rhymes: These Bleak Goalscoring Times
Roker Rhymes: These Bleak Goalscoring Times

Well, another weekend, and another goalless draw. After me saying on numerous occasions that this was our chance to come out and show Villa no mercy by smashing them, well... You all know what happened.

So, instead of my usual drivel here, we'll get straight into it, shall we? Welcome along to another Roker Rhyme.

Saturday's trip to Villa, didn't turn out to be a thriller.
It was one of those encounters, that was all filler - very little killer.
We were full of huff and puff, but our finishing raised a frown,
We huffed and then we puffed, but we couldn't blow Villa's house down.

I should have used that last week really, it would have been rather better,
If only we had someone in the squad, that was a real instinctive goal getter.
But that's a job for this summer, one that we leave for O'Neill,
Although I'm encouraged by the Fletcher rumblings, he would be perfect you feel.

So another goalless draw on Sat, Mignolet must be getting quite bored,
And the guy who works the electronic counter, as again neither team scored.
The end of the season can't come quick enough really, let's get on to the final day,
Instead of tailing off at the end of the campaign, known as the 'Steve Bruce way.

It's interesting that we're so important, in the back and forth title race,
With Sir Alex's Manchester United, still to come to our place.
After Ji's winner scored against City, we can claim to have given United the win,
Or if we beat them the last day and they lose it, Ji will know it was all down to him.

This Saturday sees us play Bolton, it's fair to say Owen Coyle's had a difficult year,
You've got to feel for the bloke, I'd just quite like to buy him a beer.
And wish him all the best, with the crazy stuff that he's had to deal with,
But still hope that Bolton's defence, continue their impression of a sieve.

See I'm sick of this non-scoring malarkey, it's time to bag us a few goals,
And as I mentioned in the last little section, Bolton's defence it contains a few holes.
So I'm talking to you Mr Nicklas Bendtner, if you're leaving go out with a bang,
And we can all join you in, your cardigan-wearing, free-pizza-eating gang.


And that's that folks. Next week - a look back at Bolton, mixed in with an ode to Jack Colback. It's going to be gingeriffic!

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