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The Week That Was: Building Up For Villa Plus Much, Much More

Miss anything on Roker Report this week? Fear not as we bring you all of our buildup to Aston Villa vs Sunderland and everything else that has featured on our pages this week in a handy compilation
Miss anything on Roker Report this week? Fear not as we bring you all of our buildup to Aston Villa vs Sunderland and everything else that has featured on our pages this week in a handy compilation

Good morning and welcome along to our regular feature each and every Saturday where we compile all the build up for day's game and everything else that has featured upon our pages across the week. Where better to start than with everything you need to know before the 3pm kickoff?

  • Preview: Your truly brought you your comprehensive pre-match guide with all the team news, predicted lineups, classic encounters, betting advice and even some music, the usual stuff you expect before each SAFC game. I'll be honest, I got a bit carried away this week, so I'll stick my neck on the line and claim it's the most comprehensive pre-match guide you'll read! - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: There was a certain centre forward that if we're being honest completely eclipses the term "Cult Hero" but it was about time that Kevin Phillips was given his rightful induction into the Roker Report Cult Heroes Hall Of Fame. It's getting a bit crowded in there now, but Super Kev's seat at the top table was reserved way in advance - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: This week's Podcast ensemble included the powerful Simon Walsh, the self-proclaimed RR Icon, Michael Graham, and, well, me. We had a natter about Wolves, Villa, John O'Shea's influence ont eh side and who we would pinch from the sides in the relegation battle - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: The birthday boy Simon Walsh got in touch with Damian Dugdale of The Villa Blog fame for all the Villain's perspective ahead of this afternoon's fixture. They're not happy bunnies - CLICK HERE

And we're only just scratching the surface as to what has been on the site this week, so be sure to join me after the jump for the rest!

We kicked off the week by forcing ourselves to roundup all the fallout from the pretty cack showing that was the Wolves game. Poor Michael Graham was the first sorry Roker Reporter to put pen to paper and bring us a tactical analysis of the game. If you're glutton for punishment you're welcome to read it

Talking Tactics: Sunderland vs Wolves

Mon ami et le vôtre, l'exil Dan Williams, est venu à nous une fois de plus avec une certaine génie lyrique en général ne devrait de The Beastie Boys sous la forme d'une rime Roker. Je pensais qu'il ne bien, étant donné le matériau peu qu'il avait à travailler avec.

Roker Rhymes: Well, Wolves eh?

Dan l'homme était de retour mardi après-midi avec un peu de Ramble Roker où il a regardé dans sa boule de cristal française et prédit les défaillances de Swansea en cours dans leur deuxième relais de la Premier League.

Roker Ramble: Second Season Swans Syndrome?

On Tuesday afternoon Simon Walsh brought a fantastic interview to the fore in the shape of his chat with the former SAFC striker David Bellion. Hear the Frenchman's side of the story on that controversial transfer and what he has been up to since, well worth a read I can assure you.

"If I Start You, Will Your Score?... Yeah I Will!" - Roker Report Meets David Bellion

As you will have heard by now, Michael Graham was adamant on the Podcast that the reason behind SAFC's failings infront of goal can be explained by the absence of central defender John O'Shea. Simon Walsh and myself weren't convinced but the captain but forward his arguments, backed up with some stats, in this week's installment of the Captains Blog.

Captain's Blog: O'Shea A Huge Miss - At Both Ends Of The Pitch

Our Welsh buddy Karl Jones was kind enough to bring you all a fantastic Top Ten this week looking at the best players to come through the SAFC academy, so the least you could do is give it a read and have an argument with him in the comments over his selection as is customary with this feature!

Top Ten: Sunderland's Academy Graduates

Walshy was back again on Thursday with an interesting piece comparing O'Neill's current side to that of Peter Reid back in the day. The gaffer breaks down each position and compares the past and present, well worth a gander.

Is The Current Side Just Peter Reid's Side Version 2.0?

We also bring you a roundup of the daily SAFC news each and every evening at 6:30pm, so be sure to check that out if you have missed out on any of the stories that have made the news with reference to our humble little club.

To come over the weekend is obviously our match report from today's game shortly after the final whistle, plus our latest column for The Durham Times. Don't forget to follow along on Facebook and Twitter too @RokerReport

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