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Roker Rhymes: What A Difficult One To Describe


Bloody football, eh?

It's actually really hard to decide how to do this 'episode' of the rhyme. I mean, we've become the first team to leave the Etihad this season with a point, but we were winning 3-1 with five minutes to go. I'm confused. I'm delighted at the performance, yet a little disappointed by the outcome.

I suppose, at the end of the day, it's just another huge sign to show us just how far we've come. So, with that in mind, let's have a little bit of poetry, have we?

The Etihad was the setting, for our most recent away day trip,
As we were hoping to bounce back, from that annoying FA Cup blip.
Yet not one team had left there, with a point all season long,
The bookies had us down for a defeat, it was up to us to prove them wrong.

See the thing about City at home, is they're pretty highly rated,
No-one had even scored in a first half, but our threat can't be overstated.
We came out like a house on fire, Seb's shot was perfect to the inch,

We were more than deserving of our lead, and had to give ourselves a pinch.
But then came a moment of controversy, it was a shafting that we got,
Dzeko knew exactly what he was doing, and the ref pointed to the spot.
Up stepped Balotelli, the mental little crazy fool,

And the ball met the back of the net, as Super Mario kept his cool.
But gone are the days when we crumble, we were still more than in this game,
And the twinkle toes of Mr Sessegnon, found a cross for our great Dane.

It would be a real shame if we lost Bendtner, he's really starting to look class,
And he powered in another header, leaving Joe Hart sitting on his... Bottom.
Then things just got better and better, as the second half got started,
As we powered forward again, and the Citizen's defence just parted.

Our super Swede had a taste for glory, and he made no mistake,
As Sess and Mr Bendtner, put his third goal on a plate.
Now things were getting amusing, within the City ranks,
As Balotelli fell out with his team mates, over free-kick taking pranks.

Oh how I chuckled as he argued, then Kolarov missed the goal,
Man City's problems becoming evident, a lack of team spirit taking its toll.
It was just a shame they got back in it, Balotelli got things underway,
And the way he smashed home his second, was a 'f*ck you Mancini', you'd say.

The third was a bit of a sickener, it just went zipping through the box,
As Sunderland's defence, were undone after working off their socks.
'I'd have taken him off after five minutes', send Mancini at the end,
As his fiery Italian striker, continued to drive him around the bend.

I'll tell you what, with Gyan gone, should we get him to the Stadium of Light,
And let Mr Martin O'Neill, calm him down from his weekly s*ite?
So he can bang in the goals for us, while our defence continues to be tight,
Oh how I'd love to see the nutcase, all clad in Sunderland red and white.

So onwards and upwards we march, one tough game down and two to go,
We can be pleased that we dealt City, such an important title-chasing blow.
And on we move on to Tottenham, to put them lot in their place,
And when we grab all three points against them, we can rub it in Harry's saggy old face.

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