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Roker Rhymes: Well, Wolves Eh?


Sometimes, not being able to go to, nor watch the football isn't necessarily a bad thing. That was the situation that I found myself in on Saturday, and, let's be honest, it doesn't sound like I really missed a lot, does it?

Anyway, as ever, I've had a good old read of what went on, so let's see if we can't put a few lines together about the match, shall we? Hopefully, I won't be missing any more games this season, so apologies for the quality of this installment of Roker Rhymes, it will improve before the campaign is over, I promise.

Oh how Saturday was a let down,
As it was Wolves that came to town.
Practically already relegated,
Our performance made me frown.

Surely we should have beaten O'Connor's men?
Three points shouldn't have been out of reach.
But it seems that some of our players' heads,
Were already parked firmly on the beach.

Although little Sess' kept trying,
We just couldn't find a break through.
And if you were unlucky enough to see the game,
Then my heart goes out to you.

Still, it's not as bad as last time we played them,
Although Brucey would have you think otherwise.
It's tough to read his words without laughing now,
New interview? Not enough time? Surprise surprise.

We've four games left in the season now,
Starting on Saturday at Villa.
Let's hope that unlike this week's clash,
It's something more of a thriller.

Oh how I'd love to see them relegated,
Mainly just so that we could bash.
Mr Darren 'big club' Bent,
And his massive pile of cash.

So as I said, I'm sorry,
I understand that this wasn't the best.
But I'll get to see our next match,
And put my lyrical prowess to the test.

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