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The Week That Was: Getting Ready For Wolves, Plus Much More

The Week That Was: Getting Ready For Wolves, Plus Much More
The Week That Was: Getting Ready For Wolves, Plus Much More

Ey up, it's time to get ourselves ready for today's game with Wolves, and there's no better place than The Week That Was. We've got everything you could want as we cover the game from every conceivable angle to ensure the most comprehensive coverage on the net. So let's get straight into the Wolves buildup right now...

  • Preview: We've got our essential big match preview, complete with betting tips, team news, a spot of music to get you in the mood and much more. Really, what more could you want out of a preview? Don't answer, I know what the answer is. NOTHING. Everything you need is here in the preview - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: We've also got the ever popular Cult Heroes section, in which we highlight someone who played for us, and played for them and give them a bit of credit for some decent performances whilst at the club. David Boyle takes the reigns on this one, so to find out who was selected - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: There's plenty of chat about today's game with Wolves on our podcast. The only SAFC fan produced podcast, and the only one's who'll tell it like it is when it comes to our fair club. You'd be a fool not to listen to our ramblings on a weekly basis, so check out the latest episode - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: Last and by no means least, it's the ever popular Fan Focus feature, where we speak to a fan of the opposition and grab their views on the weekends game. Always an insightful read, find your top quality Wolves based opinions here - CLICK HERE

We're by no means finished though, as we take in an interview with a former Sunderland and current Wolves star, plus many more interesting and insightful articles we've done from earlier in the week. Or so we like to think anyway...

So as said, one of the highlights of the week was without doubt our long sought-after interview with Jody Craddock. Something we chased when the site started nearly 18 months ago, and it's finally here. Dan Williams sits down and talks with the art connoisseur and quality footballer...

Click Here for our interview with Jody Craddock

Going way back, or so it feels, we had provided tactical analysis of the game with Spurs in Talking Tactics. Chris Weatherspoon in the chair to cast his eye over every formation, trend and pattern of play that lead to the 0-0 draw last Saturday.

Click Here for Talking Tactics: Spurs (H)

We also had our full match report from the Everton game, so if you want to relive that, complete with our own ratings and musings on the game you can check that out here...

Click Here for our Everton (A) Match Report

Not content with that, Karl Jones stepped up to the plate and provided his own tactical musings on the Everton game, as Chris was a little busy/tired out/hungover to do two Talking Tactics features this week. Not to worry though, Karl provided some excellent analysis on the game...

Click Here for Talking Tactics: Everton (A)

There was also enough room in the schedule for Captains Blog, the weekly column penned by the fair hand of our regular Oscar The Grouch, Michael Graham. Always insightful, occasionally inflammatory, and always an essential read. Get your fix of SAFC opinion here...

Click Here for Captains Blog

Let's not forget either, we like to roundup the weekends action in a poetry style, courtesy of Dan Williams. Dan pops in to give us his thoughts on the Everton and Spurs game, like only he knows how...

Click Here for Roker Rhymes

Not content with that the man himself also decided to take a look into the future. Steve Bruce has begged and begged for more time at the club. He's adamant he'd have turned it around, so Mr Bruce, here's what we think would have happened, had you got your way...

Click Here for An Alternative History/Future For SAFC

And that's about it for another packed week on Roker Report. There's also our nightly news feature The Roker Roundup which brings you the best and most read-worthy bits of SAFC news on a nightly basis. Over this weekend we'll have plenty of reaction to Wolves, including our match report, plus our latest column from top North East newspaper, The Durham Times.

Keep it Roker Report for anything SAFC!

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