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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 54 - The Bardsley Bog

Welcome along you rapscallions to another startling edition of The Roker Report Podcast. The best podcast all about Sunderland, produced by a bunch of idiots. The idiots in question this week are of course myself, Simon Walsh along with Michael Graham, plus a returning Dan Williams. On the show, this is what went down...

  • Some thoughts on Stephane Sessegnon and his future.
  • Craig Gordon's potential move to Celtic.
  • A brief view on Spurs & Everton.
  • Looking ahead to Wolves, and cherry-picking from their side.
  • Trying out a new formation for next season.
  • Statues for St. Niall, Bogs for Bardsley.
  • Plus much more fun and games...

Now I know you both need and want this podcast in your life right now, don't you? Well here's one handy way you can listen without having to download anything at all. See the player below, well click it and the episode will play as if by magic. I know, impressive right?

If you just want it delivered to your virtual doorstep, start by heading over to iTunes and searching for us, or just use this handy little link to take you right on over there -

And now for an important notice. Would you like to help some brothers out? We're looking to attract a sponsor of the show for the 2012/13 season. We've worked out the costs of getting some new microphones, adding extra bandwidth and various other bits of equipment we simply can't afford. So help us, and we'll help you. Email us for further details and costs:

That should be enough, there's not really an excuse not to listen (unless you already have and don't like us) so why not give it a try today!

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