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The Roker Roundup: April 12th 2012 - Redknapp Reckons He Could Have Snagged Sess

Here comes the news, do-do do-do.
Here comes the news, do-do do-do.

Here we are, it might not feel like it to everyone, but it's actually Thursday, which is much better than it being a Wednesday as my body seems to think. Of course with it being a week day, that means there's another Roker Roundup on the cards, where we bring you all the top notch SAFC news and articles that have happened around the world today.

Today is April the 12th, and on this day in Sunderland history Kenneth McTaggart Chisholm was born. The Glaswegian, aside from having the most Scottish name ever, played as an inside left for the club between 1953-56. Not only that, but Chisholm served as an RAF Bomber Commander during World War II.

Back to today's news though, here it is...

There's a good interview with Simon Mignolet, paraphrased by BackPageFootball, via The Guardian. Mignolet will be spending the summer completing a law degree rather than partying it up with some his teammates in far away places. Mignolet seems a very level headed young fella, and proof that not all footballers are as you'd think - CLICK HERE

David Meyler says he knew of James McClean's talent immediately after the pair spent prolonged spells in the reserve side earlier in the season. Easy of course to say with hindsight, but many regular watchers of the stiffs also said similar - CLICK HERE

In more tiresome news, Adam Johnson has once again been linked, as he will every other day now until August the 31st. Get used to it. I'd like to sign him, he's an exceptional player, but you wonder where exactly he'd fit in to the team - CLICK HERE

Martin O'Neill once again reiterated that he will wait until the end of the season before deciding whether or not to try and make a permanent move for Nicklas Bendtner - CLICK HERE

The gaffer also took time to tell the world once again that he feels Stephane Sessegnon is happy in the North East, as far as he can tell anyway, and he won't be going anywhere soon - CLICK HERE

Not that that particularly stopped Harry Redknapp from claiming he could have had Sessegnon prior to him signing for us, he was just wrongly informed that Sess wasn't much cop - CLICK HERE

Matt Kilgallon reckons Jack Colback should stay at left-back as he can become one of the best in the league at the position. Colback has been playing well there, but he really should be in midfield where he uses the ball superbly, and keeps things ticking over. Anyway, pipe down Matt, you've only been back on the scene two minutes - CLICK HERE

There's a right big sale on at the club shop too on last season's training wear. 75% in fact, fueling the speculation that we're not having anything to do with Umbro any more - CLICK HERE

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