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The Roker Roundup: April 11th 2012 - Motherwell Winger Linked

What is news? Baby don't hurt me...
What is news? Baby don't hurt me...

Back once again, it's The Roker Roundup, your nightly source for all the top SAFC news and articles you may have missed during the day.

And today is, and will remain for a few hours yet, April the 11th. On this day in history in 1934, John Foreman made his debut for the club against Manchester City. Foreman was a tricky outside left or right back in the day, however he'd go on to leave the club in September of the same year.

Back to today's fleeting footballers, here's the news...

Starting off with some transfer news, it's been suggested th at we, along with Liverpool, Swansea and Aston Villa are taking a look at Motherwell's impressive winger Chris Humphrey. Can't say I've ever heard of him to be honest, but I'll trust Martin O'Neill knows what he's doing. That said, most likely just an agent talking things up a bit - CLICK HERE

Sunderland Reserves were beaten 2-0 at home by Aston Villa at the Academy of Light yesterday, but there was an impressive turn from young keeper Ben Wilson. The Sunderland Echo provide a good report - CLICK HERE

Michael Turner has become the latest player to say words along the lines of "let's try really good" in the wake of Jack Colback doing something similar yesterday - CLICK HERE

And kids can get a free tour of the Stadium Of Light when accompanied by an adult paying the full price. I've been on it actually, and it's well worth it, so get yourself along. It's only a tenner - CLICK HERE

Lastly a little bit of charity. I defy anyone to not read this story and not feel warmed and willing to donate to the cause. A wonderful story from a very brave little boy. The Mackem Mouse is well worth a £1 or more of your money, so download his song today - CLICK HERE

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