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A Love Supreme Issue 210 Out Tomorrow, Here's A Sneak Peek...

It's out tomorrow, make sure you get yours for just £2.50... Class cover too.
It's out tomorrow, make sure you get yours for just £2.50... Class cover too.

Issue 210 of the legendary A Love Supreme is on sale tomorrow at the Liverpool game, and in various book shops, newsagents and places around the North East, and this months issue looks like an absolute corker.

Aside from our own column in there, this month written by Karl Jones about the legacy of Niall Quinn at the club on a business level, there's also plenty of other top draw stuff to catch the eye. One of the main things being an exclusive interview with former Sunderland Chairman, Sir Bob Murray. We've had a little look behind the scenes at Sunderland's No.1 Fanzine, and can bring you this little snippet from Sir Bob himself...

We supported Peter Reid massively financially then and I mean we bought players like Tore Andre Flo in and he was one of the disappointments of life. We paid £8million for him and I rang David Murray from Rangers up and complained to him for selling me him for 8 million quid! He said ‘Bob, I bought him for £13m'! Then there was that little fella from South America... Nunez, that lad from France... Lilian Laslandes... Carsten Fredgaard. You look at the amount of money we spent and you look at how many games we got out of them and that'll tells you everything.

There's plenty more in their about his stewardship of the club, and his heavy involvement in the building of the new national football centre, St George's Park, so make sure you check it out.

That's not all of it though, there's also your top ten Niall Quinn moments, a look at the challenges Martin O'Neill will face this summer, interviews with Paul Hardyman and John Byrne, plus a look at the often overlooked 1937 FA Cup Final win. There's also plenty of stuff about the Newcastle game in there, including ten (just the ten?) reasons why Alan Pardew has regular dates with Mrs Palmer and her five daughters.

Get yours from one of the many, many sellers situated around the Stadium Of Light tomorrow afternoon, or pick one up from your local newsagents. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, why not just subscribe and have it delivered to your door on the day it comes out. You can do that online by CLICKING HERE. Whilst you're there check out a great range of merchandise too, you'll not regret it.


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