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Roker Rhymes: A Poetic Look Back At Derby Day

Roker Rhymes: A Poetic Look Back At Derby Day
Roker Rhymes: A Poetic Look Back At Derby Day

You'll have to forgive me, this is something of a change from the scheduled programming. Hopefully the piece that this is replacing will be ready for your lovely eyes soon, but a weekend trip to the wonderful city of Barcelona and some pretty terrible planning on my behalf means you'll just have to put up with one of my rhymes for this afternoon...

So, I won't go into too much detail here. We all saw the game, we all know what happened, and I just hope that you appreciate a few words of rhyme about said encounter.

So without further ado... Yada yada...

It was a strange old game on Sunday,
As we visited the Sports Direct.
For what was often a gruff and scrappy game,
The football was less than perfect.

Lee Cattermole got the party started,
With a yellow card almost straight away.
And he couldn't really have any complaints,
But that's just the way our captain plays.

He did well if you want to think about it,
To then stay on the field until the end.
And you can almost forgive his stupidity,
When on 90 minutes he was driven round the bend.

The ref had a lot to answer for,
Tiote should have surely seen red.
So each and every time he got away with one,
A fuse was lit inside Cattermole's head.

I was disgusted at the behavior,
Of the Mags down on the field.
But it quite obviously stems from their manager,
As when Newcastle won their penalty, off the bellend wheeled.

Charging towards our dugout,
Celebrating like a child.
If I was Martin O'Neill,
I'd have chinned him, forget being mild.

Of course Tiote rolling round like he'd been shot,
Doesn't forgive Sess for being so daft.
And unfortunately the resultant red card,
Robbed us of a lot of our craft.

I've managed to forget to mention,
Our goal scored from a spot kick.
After Williamson had been naughty,
His corner Nik Bendtner did pick.

But we all knew what was going to happen,
As the seconds ticked on by.
And on came Shola Ameobi,
So we could kiss three points goodbye.

No player has ever been so pointless,
For almost every other game.
But you can be sure that he'll took one in against us,
As it's always the bloody same.

But we can be proud of how the lads did,
In the past, we've been known to hide.
When taking on the Mags in their back yard,
But this time we left with hearts filled with pride.

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