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Fan Focus: Citizens Opinions From Blue Moon MCFC

Mancini: Still Keeping City Fans Happy.
Mancini: Still Keeping City Fans Happy.

As we buildup to this weekends big game with Manchester City, we thought we'd get some opinions from them in the feature we call, Fan Focus.

It's been quite an interesting season so far for the Citizens, with drama on and off the field, so we went to Ric Turner from Blue Moon MCFC to get their opinion on the game, the season, Carlos Tevez and much more so come and join us for some top quality opinion...

It's been quite a season for Manchester City hasn't it! Could you give us brief synopsis of how it's gone from your perspective so far?

Ric: enjoyed a fantastic start to the season, and led the table for a number of months. Some of the football played by City was scintillating at times, and the 6-1 at Old Trafford and 5-1 at White Hart Lane were notable high points. However, since the turn of the new year our campaign has faltered a little, resulting in us exiting all three cup competitions we were involved in, and losing top spot in the league. We're still in with a shout of the title, but the momentum is with United.

You're still in with a great chance of winning the league over the neighbours. However, would that be considered enough for the fans, given the early exits from cup competitions?

Ric: Winning the title would be more than enough! The league was always our priority.

The Carlos Tevez affair. Once one of the most disliked people in Manchester, now it appears anyway, potential saviour of the season. Should the club have had to bring him back, and did you want him back?

Ric: Personally I didn't want to see Tevez play for City again after the disrespect he showed to the club in Munich. However, I trust Mancini and if he has accepted Tevez's apology then that is good enough for me. As United supporters showed with Rooney, football fans are a fickle bunch and will forgive most things if the player is performing on the pitch.

If the unthinkable (from your perspective I'd imagine) happens and City end up winning nothing this season, does Roberto Mancini keep his job?

Ric: I hope, and think, Mancini will keep his job even if we fail to win a trophy this season. It would be a disappointing end to a season of great promise, but I still think there have been enough tangible signs of improvement. The club is progressing in the right direction, and will challenge for the title again next season I think our owner has a more long term vision than, say, Abramovich at Chelsea.

Looking at this weekend's game though, City seem unstoppable at home despite whatever ‘crisis' the newspapers seem to think there is. Confident?

Ric: I'm always confident when we play at Eastlands, as our home form (20 straight league wins) is phenomenal. It's away games where we've struggled of late.

What have you made of Sunderland this season, we've been quite a different proposition than in previous years now O'Neill has come in...

Ric: The transformation under O'Neill has been remarkable, and is testament to his qualities as a manager. Under Bruce you were struggling badly, but getting O'Neill was a great coup for the club. It will be interesting to see how far he can take the club if given the necessary financial backing over summer.

Is there anyone in our side you think could cause problems for City?

Ric: Stephane Sessegnon is a great player, much under rated, whilst Larsson's set pieces also pose a real threat.

Finally, can you give us a prediction for the game...

Ric: I think the significance of the game for City will be telling, and our greater quality will prevail eventually. I'd say 2-0 to the Blues.


Thanks very much to Ric, and for more sterling City opinions check out and follow along on Twitter @BlueMoon_MCFC

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