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Roker Rhymes: Disappointing, Yes, But Never Mind, It's Time We Had Another Rhyme

Chin up everyone, it's time for Roker Rhymes
Chin up everyone, it's time for Roker Rhymes

Well, the dream is over for another year, but what an adventure it's been, eh?

I know that the wounds will still be sore as you read this, but it's important to look at this with a sense of perspective. Not too long ago, there looked a very real chance that we may be relegated this season, and we haven't had a cup run for many a year now.

So with that in mind, let's have a jolly little poem, shall we? See if we can't cheer ourselves up a bit.

The party with Marty has stumbled, the champagne is back on ice,
As we just couldn't overcome Everton, despite the fact that we tried twice.
Sometimes you've got to hold you hand up, and say you lost to the better team,
Although an afternoon at Wembley, really would have been a dream.

It was always going to be a tough one, who knows if the team was right,
We just never really got started, and Everton looked so bright.
The Greek was poor to be honest, our midfield showed more than one crack,
It's surprising now how much we miss, Mr Colback, little old Jack.

What a shame that nine months ago, Jack's missus was in the mood,
And the little ginger terrier, did that thing that is considered rude.
Planting a small and ginger present, inside of her tum,
That would come back to haunt us, and ruin our cup run.

The first goal was shocking defending, from more than one member of the team,
We gifted them the ball in midfield, and forward they did steam.
Remember everyone says Moyes has no money? Jelavic cost him seven mil',
But he showed why it was worth paying, as he made the scoreline one - nil.

Things never really improved either, and around our team Everton's men did dance,
Not helped by our constant mistakes, gifting them chance after chance.
I doubt David Vaughan will ever know, how he wrapped his foot around that ball,
As putting it in the back of the net, looked like the hardest thing of all.

So that's it, the cup run is over, we'll just try again next year,
But let's not forget about the good times, and how we got to here.
That comfortable win at Peterborough, dumping Arsenal out at the SOL,
Sit back and remember how well we did, and have yourself a little LOL.

I'm sorry for that last line just there, I'll admit to having a beer after the game,
To mask my disappointment, at no longer being in the FA Cup frame.
But we've another big game on Saturday, as we look to do the double on Manchester City,
And we'll go there and battle our hearts out, win tough or win it pretty.

The starting line-up will be interesting, will anyone be dropped after tonight?
Will the Greek's total lack of defending, have given Martin O'Neill a fright?
And up top we have another conundrum, if Ji gets a chance - he may well miss,
Incase scoring at the Etihad, results in another passionate kiss.

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