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No Roker Report Podcast This Week, Soz

Pretty much what it's like.
Pretty much what it's like.

So you might be wondering or even cursing out loud "where the hell is my podcast this week?"... well, we're sorry, there''s not going to be one this week.

Myself and Michael Graham recorded one last night, chock-full of the usual high quality SAFC chat, news, laughs and more, and all seemed to go perfectly fine until it came to the edit.

As said, things sounded fine when we were recording, but there appears to be a very loud and annoying clicking/popping noise every half second throughout the show. Liken it to the lighter on your gas cooker, or a horse smacking their lips together very loudly over the top of us.

Having used all methods I know how to get rid of it, and looked at some fixes on line, it would appear it's just not going away. We could have put out there the annoying version, or an equally annoying one minus the noises, but we sound like crap.

I've no idea how this happened. As said, when recording it sounded fine. So without wanting to do it again as we've all got things to do, we're just going to give this week a miss unfortunately, and next do our damnedest to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I suppose this leads us on to reminding people that they can sponsor the podcast. We mentioned it last week on the show, and this just proves the point. We really need a bit of cash to get new and better microphones, new recording equipment and help pay for bandwidth. You'll get ad's on the site, on the actual podcast and we'll do whatever we can to help promote your business to thousands of listeners every week for the entire season, which for us starts in July with the friendlies.

It's a great price for a year of advertising, so get in touch

Sorry about this week, we'll be back next week talking about QPR, the Everton game and no doubt more besides. You can still subscribe and listen to old episodes to fill the void on iTunes. Link here - CLICKY

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