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The Roker Roundup: March 21st 2012 - Club Fined, Seb Says Sorry & Season Card News

Wooaahh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh, mysterious news, I wanna get close to you.
Wooaahh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh, mysterious news, I wanna get close to you.

We're halfway there people, let's get on with this is as best we can. I'm generally not a fan of Wednesdays, but we have to go through them all the same, and The Roker Roundup sure eases the pain.

Today is March 21st, and on this day in 1556, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer was burned at the stake. Meanwhile on Wearside, this date saw the final match in the club's first ever season in the football league with a resounding 5-1 win against Derby County in front of meager 3000 fans at the Newcastle Road ground.

Back to more modern matters though, here's today's news...

Starting off with yet more fall out from the Tyne-Wear derby, and hopefully the last of it. Both ourselves and Newcastle have been fined for the 'unpleasantness' in the game. We've been fined £20k, them up the road double that as it's not their first offence this season - CLICK HERE

Back to the Blackburn game last night, and Seb Larsson says there was no excuse for such an inept performance, and is sure we'll right the wrongs this weekend against QPR - CLICK HERE

Reserve team striker Jordan Cook was back at the club briefly, but looks like he's going back to Carlisle United where was previously on loan for a month. Good move for him if it comes off, as he did well in his first spell with the Cumbrians - CLICK HERE

Here Is The City has listed five keepers they think have the ability to do better than their current bench-warming roles, and our Craig Gordon is one of them. A semi-interesting read to see how Gordon is regarded away from Wearside - CLICK HERE

Got your season ticket for next season yet? Well if not the deadline has been extended for you folk who haven't got it sorted yet. Full details of dates and what you need to do here - CLICK HERE

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