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Roker Rhymes: Is Wembley Around The Corner?

Everton? Rhymes? Done.
Everton? Rhymes? Done.

Good morning ladies and gentlefolk, and welcome along to another installment of your favourite Sunderland AFC-related poetry feature. Admittedly, I may provide the only one around, but as Homer Simpson once said 'De-fault, the two finest words in the English language'.

So it was a trip to Merseyside at the weekend to take on David Moyes and his Toffees. You all know what happened, and if you don't, you should find some better way than a few lines of poetry, we have match reports on here you know!

It was cup time again at the weekend, and our adventure went on,
As we faced David Moyes and Everton, in a park called Good-i-son.
And my how well we began, we came rocketing out at the start,
Our performance was simply excellent, filled with hunger, desire and heart.

And soon we were rewarded, for coming flying out of the block,
As the magnificent Phil Bardsley scored, with only minutes on the clock.
If you watch the replay carefully, you'll see the Scotsman shout,
'F*ck you Michael Graham', as he gave the ball a clout.

There was only going to be one guy, who spoiled everything this time,
It's hard to think back about the goal, without swearing filling this rhyme.
Again it was Tim bloody Cahill, who knocked in Everton's goal,
And it was the only time in the game really, that our defence had a hole.

The rest of the game was tricky, but we didn't look like messing it up,
And now we can take them back to the SOL, for more magic of the cup.
Although we have to say thanks to the 'keeper, be grateful to the Mig,
His first save was simply wonderful, for the second he made himself big.

And now we know it's Liverpool, waiting on Wembley Way,
We're only ninety more minutes, from a truly excellent day.
We just need a good performance, with the defence making block after block,
Some guile in midfield and up top, let's make the stadium rock.

The games are coming thick and fast now, we've two before that match,
A tricky looking tie at Blackburn, but a victory we could snatch.
Then QPR and Sparky come to town, as we see what could have been,
And despite the fact that they've got Djibril, our party train can pick up steam.

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