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The Roker Roundup: March 14th 2012 - News Not Good For Rico, But Better For Bendtner

You know I'm news, I'm news, you know it.
You know I'm news, I'm news, you know it.

Nice to see you again, welcome back to anther high-octane Roker Roundup, where we bring you the news that's shaping Sunderland's world tonight.

Today is March the 14th, and to give you a little background, on this day in history Penicillin was used for the first time to successfully treat a patient in 1942, while in Cork, Ireland, former Sunderland midfielder Colin Healy was born in 1980. Healy made 20 appearances for us, and currently plays for his hometown club.

However, that's all in the past, so here's today's bang up to date news...

Nicklas Bendtner has been handed an injury boost ahead of this weekend's FA Cup tie with Everton. Martin O'Neill has described the results of a scan for the Dane as "encouraging" - CLICK HERE

The injury news isn't quite so good for Kieran Richardson however, as he's suffered a set-back in training on Monday, meaning it's increasingly likely Wayne Bridge will get his second start for the club in this weekend's big game - CLICK HERE

What's Ellis Short targeting with Sunderland? Respect. Just like you and me, he's sick of teams expecting to get points "from the likes of Sunderland" and is aiming to make us a force which requires other teams to stand up and take notice - CLICK HERE

Remember Alieu Darbo? Well he was on trial here recently and has chosen to join Wigan instead. Fair play I suppose, he's probably more likely to get playing time in the Championship next year - CLICK HERE

Sunderland are to hold a training camp in Northern Spain this summer, specifically La Nucia if you're in the region. Details and more are in today's Euro News - CLICK HERE

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