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Roker Rhymes: Liverpool? No Problem!

Our little look at Liverpool
Our little look at Liverpool

Good morning ladies and gentlefolk, and welcome to another Roker Rhymes to see you through the inevitable dirge of yet another Monday morning.

Don't get too down though. Our stars in red and white have just vanquished one half of Merseyside, and with us visiting the other half next week, we have plenty to look forward to in the next few weeks and months.

So, with that in mind, and as ever, without further ado, let's crack on with a Roker Rhyme. It is a little one, but with the Cup game next week, I thought I'd save up the poetic parts of my brain for that one.

It was Liverpool coming to town, Kenny and his boys,
With their fickle fans kicking off, as out of the pram went all their toys.
Who knew that little old Sunderland, would knock them from their perch,
As the scousers called for Kenny's head, my word, the bunch of berks.

Okay so that didn't finish well, I try to do better from here on in,
Though I didn't get to see all of the game, I'm grateful for the win.
The party with Marty is back on track, after a tough game at our ground,
We soon have the cup game to come too, in the quarter final round.

In truth the game was rubbish, but we did all that we needed,
We set out with a plan again, and once again it succeeded.
With the big Dane notching another goal, that's two in two for him,
But at least this time it resulted, in an important one-nil win.

This game has history for crazy goals, after the beach ball and free kick,
That mental goal we conceded, that drove each and every one of us sick.
Saturday's was great fun too, as the ball hit Pepe on the back,
Before masked man Nicolas Bendtner, banged it in the onion sack.

So onwards we march in the league, sitting pretty up in eighth place,
Do we perhaps still have time, to gatecrash the Europa League race?
Or will it even matter, as we all know that we'll win the cup?
Next week I'll be back with more, when our season's REALLY on the up.

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