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The Roker Roundup: February 8th 2012 - O'Neill & Arca Talk SAFC, Plus Sess Song!

Your nightly SAFC news is here!
Your nightly SAFC news is here!

Ahoy there, we're back to bring you more news, because there has been some outside of the fact there's a match in a short while against Middlesborough. While we're on that track though, you can be sure to find a lot of great buildup to the 'Boro game and a full match report after the game right here on Roker Report, so take a look around.

So what's happening in the Sunderland world today, February 8th? A day in history where Mary, Queen Of Scots was executed in 1587. The Stasi, East Germany's secret police force was established, and Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was born.

Your Sunderland news awaits...

Martin O'Neill has spoken quite candidly and openly about following Sunderland as a child from boarding school. Speaking in particular about how he had a somewhat disappointing childhood where he expected things to go bad at any moment - and how that set him up perfectly to be a Sunderland fan. It's a lovely little feelgood story in The Independent, so give it a read - CLICK HERE

Inother great interview, Julio Arca has discussed all his North Eastern managers as he celebrates 12 years in the area. There's some particularly interesting stuff about Mick McCarthy and Peter Reid in there too. One standout bit concerns relegation under MicMac - "We were relegated and 15 players then left and abandoned us. I wanted to stay. People lost their jobs because of the team. I felt I owed it to them" - Read more - CLICK HERE

Remember Robert Huth getting sent off and sending a few Stoke fans mental? Swiftly followed by Tony Whatever His Name Is? Of course you do, it was only the other day. Well if you've been paying attention, Huth's red card was upheld, by an indpendent panel. Stoke chairman Peter Coates still isn't happy, and is suggesting in light of this, a new panel should be elected. Jesus, get over it guys, Meyler's not even particualrly pivotal to our play - CLICK HERE

It's been a while since we heard from Nicklas Bendtner too, so here's what he's been up to... pleading guilty to doing 103 in a 70mph zone. Naughty, naughty Nicklas, don't be doing that again if you wouldn't mind. For more on this - CLICK HERE

And finally, the Mackem Folk singer, who we featured on the site before is back, and he's comprised a great little ditty about Stephane Sessegnon. Be sure to check it out, and us here are all hopeful of an alsbum, before the end of the season. Get cracking lad!...

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