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The Roker Roundup: February 7th 2012 - O'Neill Defends Meyler & Sessegnon Stats

Your new evening SAFC news round-up. Every weekday night on Roker Report!
Your new evening SAFC news round-up. Every weekday night on Roker Report!

Well yesterday's article went down pretty well, so we're doing it again. Actually we were going to be doing at again all along, let's not flatter ourselves.

Anyway welcome back to our little feature where each weekday night we'll round-up some of the best or most interesting bits of Sunderland news and lay them out nicely so you can get yourself right up to date with the latest happenings at the club.

So here's what's happening today, a day in history when in 1982 the USA banned all Cuban imports and exports, but on the plus side the board game Monopoly was invented. This is your SAFC news for the day...

Wayne Bridge looks set to have to wait for a first start in red and white, with Martin O'Neill saying that he'd first of all like Bridge to get used to the area and the club before chucking him in at the deepend, and also players have to earn their place on merit. He's also pretty pleased with Craig Gardner too, as reported in The Journal today - CLICK HERE

After Michael Graham's spirited defence of David Meyler from Pulis's allegations of feigning injury yesterday, Martin O'Neill has now followed suit with his usual dignity and class. Sky Sports with the news - CLICK HERE

We know Stephane Sessegnon's awesome in every possible way, but if you wanted to measure such a thing you'd probably use some stats. ITV Football have done just that, and it makes for quite an impressive read - CLICK HERE

And after some resounding success at AFC Wimbledon, they're looking to keep 'wonderkid' Billy Knott at the club for an extended period. Apparently they've had positive news about doing so - CLICK HERE

After all the to-ing and fro-ing over the Robert Huth red card at the weekend, The FA finally gave their verdict following Stoke City's appeal. The red card still stands. Rumour has it Tony Pulis is on his way to Prontaprint right now to get 20 or so t-shirts made up for their next game - CLICK HERE

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