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The Week That Was: West Brom Buildup, Plus Some More!

The Week That Was - WBA Buildup & More!
The Week That Was - WBA Buildup & More!

Welcome back you lot for another installment of The Week That Was - the place to find essential buildup to today's game, plus a few other bits and bobs we've done. For now though, let's get right down to the West Bromwich Albion game today, and the buildup to it...

  • Preview: Here's our preview, with all the essential information you need ahead of the game including betting, team news from both sides, some top tuneage, a classic encounter and some predictions for the game itself. If you want to get ready for things, here's a damned good place to do so - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: The feature in which we look back at a player who gave their all for us and perhaps wasn't all that appreciated in their time. They don't have to be the best, just someone who was liked and tried hard. The twist being they have to have played for the opposition too. To find out who is profiled this week in the feature - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: Join us for yet another fun-filled Roker Report Podcast. Sunderland's only fan produced podcast where pretty much anything goes. Last week's Puppy Murder being a prime example. This week we're not only previewing West Brom, but looking at all the other news, and what a week for news it was! If you want ot find multiple ways to listen - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: This is where we get the pleasure of chatting with someone who supports, writes about, talks about or on the odd occasion used to play for, the opposition and get the inside slant on our opponents. This week our man Michael Graham was in conversation with Simon Wilkes, the editor and grand pubah of TeamTalk. For an insightful read - CLICK HERE

So that's all your match related stuff. Should be more than enough there to keep you going until kick-off, but if you're yearning for more, we've got it. Read on...

Starting on Monday we had a good old tactical going over of the Arsenal game in the FA Cup. Of course, we won this time, so it makes for a much nicer read than last week. Get yourself all over it...

Click Here for this week's Talking Tactics

Also on Monday there was the news that Niall Quinn was stepping down. We thank him for the memories, and wish him well in the future. The man is truly deserving of the title "legend"...

Click Here to read about Quinny's departure

There was also a poem concerning our FA Cup exploits, and of course Quinny's departure. Quite a good one it was too as our weekly Roker Rhymes section continues an epic comeback.

Click Here for Roker Rhymes

The Quinn-tastic stuff didn't end there, and Karl Jones took to our Top Ten to identify what he considered to be the big man's Top Ten Goals for us. A delightful list, containing so many great memories. To think, those are just the great memories on the pitch, never mind off it!

Click Here for Niall Quinn's Top Ten Goals

There was also a Roker Ramble, and our boy Dan Williams looked at the managerial merry-go-round, which is still in full force. It's something that's always puzzled me to be honest. Football management must be the only job where you can be repeatedly sacked for failing to do your job well and continue to get employed in the future.

Click Here for this week's Roker Ramble

We had a look at how our youngsters have got on whilst away on loan. The likes of Billy Knott, John Egan, Louis Laing and the rest, provided by fans and writers who cover the clubs they have been at. Certainly looking good for most of them, but interesting reads on those who haven't quite cut the mustard...

Click Here for a series of Loan Reports

On Wednesday we also had another installment of the occasional feature My First Game, where you the reader get to tell us all about your first experience of SAFC. A 0-0 draw with Coventry has never been so interesting, so give it some of your time. If you want to do one too, details are on the article...

Click Here for My First Game #6

And that's your lot.Don't forget our nightly news, every weekday night at 6:30pm too to round up all the action you may have missed during the working day.

Let's go get ready for WBA and hopefully come away with all three points!

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