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The Roker Roundup: February 21st 2012 - Quinn Tributes Roll In, Plus Injury Updates

Nightly news, every night, all about SAFC.
Nightly news, every night, all about SAFC.

Welcome back you, when you've finished gorging yourself on pancakes be sure to have a read of this, our nightly news roundup, here every night at 6:30pm.

So for today, Tuesday Februart 21st, a day noted in history for Malcolm X being assassinated in 1965, whilst in lighter news in 1878, the first telephone book was issued. Meanwhile it's the birthday's of Vanessa Feltz, and Alan Rickman. Happy birthday to the pair of them.

But what we all really want to know is what's happening today, this very day, in the world of SAFC. Well, read on and find out for yourself...

First of all the FA Cup Quarter-Final, and the fall-out from our triumph being that the game with Blackburn Rovers, due for March 17th, will now have to be moved. No date decided, but a little more on this here - CLICK HERE

Top journalist Damian Spellman has written a good account of Niall Quinn's time on Wearside in The Irish Independent, covering Quinn's time as a player to manager to chairman and more. Certainly worth 10 minutes of anyone's time - CLICK HERE

There's a cracking read regarding the legendary partnership of Niall Quinn and Kevin Phillips on Sabotage Times. Well worthy of anyone's time, so get on it now - CLICK HERE

With the news of Niall Quinn stepping down, people have been quick to heap praise (rightly so) on the big man. Margret Byrne and Martin O'Neill did yesterday, and now David Miliband has joined in too. If you want to read the MP-Come-Something-Or-Other's comments - CLICK HERE

Now for something completely different. The Daily Fail are suggesting that we're going to sell Kieran Richardson rather than left him see out his contract. Now, I dunno about anyone else, but surely we're going to offer him a new one given his great form this season? - CLICK HERE

James McClean got a nod for Ireland yesterday, but there's also news for Craig Gordon and DAvid Vaughan as they've been called up by Scotland and Wales. Obviously things must be looking good for the pair on the injury front for this to happen, so all good news - CLICK HERE

Bad news however for Titus Bramble, as he's set to be out for another month with injury after suffering a set-back during his recovery. Either way I'm sure he'll have plenty to occupy himself with while he's off - CLICK HERE

The SAFC Ladies team are enjoying some cup success too, having romped to victory 8-0 over Rotherham's female counterparts. There's a match report and more on the official site - CLICK HERE

Youngster Jordan Pickford has had his loan with Darlington extended by another month. the England U17 keeper is doing quite well down there, so read this. We've also a report from some Darlo fans on how he's doing on the site tomorrow - CLICK HERE

Marcos Angeleri. Remember him? Argie fella, nice hair, tan, terrible defender? Yep, him. He's still injured, and Martin O'Neill says it msut be bad for him. Sounds as though he'd never heard of him to be honest, but there's more of this in the Sunderland Echo - CLICK HERE

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