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FA Cup Fever? Our Club's Changing Times - Time For Another Roker Rhymes

Roker Rhymes!
Roker Rhymes!

A few months ago, when this season wasn't going particuarly well, I used to enjoy having a laugh and a joke about the fact that, when I didn't get to see our games, we generally played extremely well.

However, since the O'Neill revolution began, it is a nightmare to miss out on matches, as we are always capable of so much now as a team.

So, as you've guessed, I missed this weekend's encounter with Arsenal, and am gutted about it. Cup fever is on the verge of returning to the North East in a big way, and although the draw for the next round looks tough, we said the same about Arsenal, didn't we?

And then we have this morning's news. I'm actually rather sad about that, like everyone else, I bloody love Quinny, so come on SAFC, think of a fitting way to honour him.

So, anyhoo folks, this might be a shambles, but it's Roker Ryhmes time.

Let's all take a second to remember, the wonderful things that Niall Quinn has done,
Especially fitting on a weekend like this one, that highlighted how far we've come.
As our boys performed like eleven heroes, and dumped Arsenal out of the cup,
The magic carpet ride may be over now, but we're still very much on the up.

After the disappointment of Thierry's goal last week, this one was always going to be more fun,
And we certainly showed Arsene's men, that we've got plenty from which they should run.
Our heroes in red and white are becoming one hell of a team, and we can start to dream of FA Cup glory,
And you have to say that in Martin O'Neill's first season, that would be one hell of a story.

It was Ricco who got us started, this weekend at the Stadium of Light,
And as soon as his goal went in, the quarter finals came flying into sight.
Then the second goal meant we had it in the bag, as the ball went in off 'The Ox',
While our miserly defensive backline, stood firm, not unlike Fort Knox.

Now I'm sorry for the last line of that quartet, I realise that it wasn't the best,
And really, when you stop and look at it, I kind of failed my Roker Rhymes test.
I certainly hope you forgive me, and we can continue this poem with glee,
As we return to talking Sunderland, as we should forever be.

Well the 'hat' threw up a game at Everton, one we were all probably hoping to miss,
As our recent jaunts to that part of Merseyside, have been frankly poor as p!ss.
But things are different under Marty, and we can go there with expectation and hope,
And continue our fantastic progress, on a sharp and near-vertical slope.

Next up though is West Bromwich Albion, the team that are marshalled by Woy,
Let's hope that by the end of the weekend, we are partying with joy.
As the Black Cats pick up three more points, as the goals keep flying in,
And it's a good way to send off Sir Niall, and we pick up a victory for Mr Quinn.

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